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Product identity management traceability, realizing the sharing and exchange of information

by:Fullgo     2022-12-23
1. Provide support for corporate decision-making 1. It is really helpful for companies to increase profits and reduce operating costs; product traceability systems can meet targeted needs in practical applications and meet professional and intelligent management standards. 2. An enterprise can trace the source to a specific production and operation link; from the product level, a product, a batch, a product, and a specific raw material can be traced. 3. The product traceability system is of great significance and value in the entire production and sales process of the enterprise. The entire process of internal raw material management, production management, packaging management, etc. can be effectively traced and controlled. 2. Improve the work efficiency of each link 1. Realize the full traceability of products from the production source to the circulation link, and can provide enterprises with comprehensive management solutions such as anti-counterfeiting, anti-channeling, and brand protection. 2. The whole-process tracking management not only strengthens the quality management of the enterprise, reduces the cost of error correction, but also facilitates the enterprise to collect commodity information to understand the consumption trend and improve the rapid response ability. 3. It can realize product traceability and marketing. The traceability system is a complete set of industry supply chain. Enterprises can use the traceability system to independently control all aspects of production, packaging, and sales. 4. The paperless operation is adopted in each link of product production, product production, transportation, use, etc., to reduce some errors that may be caused by human operation, and to improve the production efficiency of each link is also very good. 3. Inquiry and access at any time 1. Create a one-item-one-code traceability system for products, improve the level of enterprise informatization, establish a product traceability database, and realize the visual traceability management of the entire product process. 2. Product identity management traceability and effective communication: Consumers can trace product information in a timely manner, and can feedback real consumer feelings and feedback information in real time. 3. From raw materials to finished products, from production lines to consumers, help enterprises to achieve full chain traceability management of products. Enterprises use product traceability systems to improve product production management capabilities. 4. By using the product traceability system, major enterprises can effectively reduce work costs and improve work management efficiency. In the information record management of each link, they are more complete and accurate, so that product quality can be comprehensively improved, product information can be shared quickly, and it is convenient to formulate various Make decisions and avoid wasting too much time at work.
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