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Product IP authorization management and control system solution, the whole chain of connectivity

by:Fullgo     2022-11-24
The advantages of digital management IP authorization control system: save manpower, material resources and financial resources; realize the connection of the whole chain of IP parties, brands, sellers and consumers, and help IP enterprises to achieve anti-counterfeiting traceability management. The background management authorization information performs basic information settings, such as: product information, licensor information settings, and the process of associating identification and authorization information. After connecting with the corresponding system of the enterprise, the required data will be synchronized. Intelligent IP label management and control unlocks the core demands of IP companies, drives fan consumption and drives corporate profit growth. One product, one code and two-dimensional code method, realize the authorization of IP products, the anti-counterfeiting traceability of IP two-dimensional code, and the management of sales records. Build a label anti-counterfeiting mechanism to provide one-stop IP online authorization management, allowing users to easily develop and manage IP authorization services. Provide online authorization project management, optimize the authorization management process, and make the authorization process clear at a glance. The product IP authorization management and control system solution brings massive data under the digital management, authorization and supervision model, provides more professional market usage data for brands, explores and mines the market, and provides data for subsequent IP enterprise operations. The product will be marked as sold, and the anti-counterfeiting traceability and the presentation of sales records will be realized through one item and one code, which will help IP enterprises to achieve anti-counterfeiting traceability management, track sales in real time, and enable IP enterprises to easily draw consumer portraits based on big data and understand consumers. Features, based on first-hand market data, provides a decision-making basis for the next stage of authorization management. Optimize the whole process of authorization and supervision. IP authorization management is simple and efficient, which effectively protects the interests of all parties. The anti-counterfeiting code is closely connected to the label data platform, and a number of anti-counterfeiting technologies are innovatively used to encrypt the anti-counterfeiting code multiple times. Digital management realizes closed-loop management and control of IP parties, brands, sellers, and consumers, realizes full-link marketing interaction and data traceability, and creates a brand-new IP label management and control product. Combining dozens of patented technologies and nearly 100 physical anti-counterfeiting technologies, each product is attached with a unique anti-counterfeiting code, and an international-level security label anti-counterfeiting mechanism is constructed to ensure that the anti-counterfeiting code cannot be copied and cracked. The anti-counterfeiting labels on IP products bring about the effect of anti-counterfeiting and rights protection, allowing consumers to quickly identify the authenticity of products, which is conducive to brand marketing. One item, one code anti-counterfeiting code, to escort the brand development, make anti-counterfeit logos for brand products, reduce fake goods, and conduct authenticity verification.
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