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Product marketing integration, bringing precise customers to merchants

by:Fullgo     2022-11-20
After the interactive communication entry point code is upgraded, based on the internal marketing system, the brand can directly reach consumers through the background, and at the same time, deeply associate consumers with the store to better understand product logistics, terminal flow and other information. One item, one code marketing model: one item, one code, one code for multiple scans, public account marketing, circle of friends marketing, red envelope wall, H5 micro-activities, shopping guide rebates, points mall, traceability of labels, anti-counterfeiting and anti-channeling, membership activities, data collect.    Collect and analyze the user data of each scanned code, gradually and clearly depict the user portrait, and provide big data support for subsequent precision marketing. The integration of product marketing to achieve precise delivery to consumer groups in different regions, referred to as 'precision marketing'. The value of digital marketing can be used for preferential marketing activities, increase sales, divert users to channels such as official accounts, and establish an interactive communication bridge. Online management and control of data such as terminal stores and marketing expenses, brands can realize online marketing activities, so that each marketing activity can achieve the integration of product and effect, and achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase. Each product is assigned a code. By scanning the QR code of a product, consumers can get a random red envelope reward. The red envelope activity can guide customers to pay attention to the brand's official account, share the red envelope, scan the code to check the authenticity, etc. Adjust marketing and promotion management decisions, do secondary marketing activities, and make management easier and more convenient. The main purpose of guiding accurate consumers to the official account is to accurately disseminate product introductions, event introductions and other content to users, thereby promoting secondary marketing. Helping enterprises to carry out personalized marketing is one thing and one code in digital marketing, which can help enterprises to better analyze big data, interact with consumers more closely, and achieve precise marketing target customers. In this process, as an interactive medium between manufacturers and consumers, QR code marketing has become an important part of promotions such as points, awards, and activities. The whole process of marketing activities in the sales link is controlled in real time, and you can participate in promotional activities by scanning the code, which is convenient and fast, and can attract more customers to participate in the marketing activities. Help brand products quickly seize the market, spread among consumers, and increase product sales and repurchase rates. Points mall: The platform opens an exclusive points mall for enterprises, operates independently, and flexibly manages the member point system. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extended reading Marketing award card production, event solution dog food one item one code marketing, incentive model optimization activities
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