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Product QR code traceability, consumers are more assured of natural consumption

by:Fullgo     2022-11-24
The significance of building a traceability system throughout the whole cycle of products, better management of products, and a whole life cycle control system for product production, warehousing, sales, distribution and service. From raw material acquisition to sales, traceability management of each link, real-time control of each process, to ensure product quality. Product QR code traceability enables consumers to easily query product-related QR code traceability information, such as labels, outer packaging, quality standards, and factory inspection reports, by entering batch numbers and scanning codes. As an important part of product manufacturing and production chain, the production link has a heavy responsibility; after the application of the traceability system, standardize the supervision and control, establish a real-time management mechanism, enter the traceability information, improve the traceability information, and stamp the quality inspection certificate, which can be used in the market. Through the management mechanism, the main body of production responsibility is encouraged to join the whole chain traceability supervision network, so as to improve the coverage of responsibility traceability. The principle of the QR code traceability system for entering information, tracking production information, raw material information, and achieving lean production management, allowing regulatory authorities and consumers to view product information. After scanning and binding the QR code on the product ordered by the merchant and the QR code on the order, unload the goods to the merchant, and the products can be unloaded from the car in disorder. If the merchant's goods are in boxes, then You can scan the QR code on the box to bind. The traceability system realizes the whole process management of products such as product production and processing, packaging and warehousing, channel logistics, terminal sales, authenticity inquiry, and data analysis. Shanghai Zhongshang Network realizes the function of product anti-counterfeiting and traceability by making one-item-one-code two-dimensional code traceability source code for products, and provides a two-dimensional code traceability system solution to display all product contents. Display information Customers scan labels to check information: Consumers use mobile phones to scan the QR code of one item, one code, and enter the traceability interface, and immediately check the anti-counterfeiting and trace the whole process; ensure the authenticity of detailed information in all links and improve trust. Application of product traceability system: a product is assigned a one-item-one-code two-dimensional code traceability code, which can collect and track data in all aspects of product production, warehousing, distribution, logistics and transportation, market inspection, and sales terminals. From this, the traceability system is of great significance, responding to quality problems in a timely manner, tracking product history, and improving product quality. The establishment of a product traceability system can improve the transparency of all aspects of production, enhance corporate branding, and increase consumer confidence.
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