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Product traceability and traceability‍Why does the system continue to develop and progress_Product traceability-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2022-11-23
The traceability of agricultural product quality and safety is the deep integration of agricultural industry and information technology, Internet of Things technology, cloud computing big data and other technologies. It is an important measure to promote the construction of modern agriculture and realize agricultural standardization. . So why does the product traceability system continue to develop and progress? 1. The general trend In recent years, important documents on the construction of agricultural product traceability systems have been issued many times, with special emphasis on accelerating the construction of information-based traceability systems in all localities. In view of the current severe situation of agricultural product safety, it is imperative to develop a set of agricultural product traceability management system to trace the production sources, production files, processing files and other information of various agricultural products. Through the system platform, the probability of occurrence of food safety problems can be reduced as much as possible, and the process, information and transparency of products in production, circulation and sales can be greatly promoted, and the brand image and economy of agricultural product companies can be improved to a certain extent. benefit. Through the analysis of the agricultural product traceability system, combined with the current policies and regulations on product traceability and the current status of product traceability information construction, the development system is designed. According to the actual market demand, the system analyzes from the aspects of system feasibility, business process, functional requirements and so on. In the system design stage, with B/S mode, LAMP architecture platform, two-dimensional code technology and data acquisition technology as the core, assisting technical solutions, the system is designed in detail from the overall design, functional modules, program flow, database and other aspects. 2. It is very good for the agricultural product system. In the system, it is necessary to manage the information of agricultural product companies or farmers, as well as the texts, pictures, etc. The source data is collected and stored, the traceability files of each batch of products are constructed, and the query of one item and one code is realized. In addition, the system should support exporting data into reports at key functional points, providing a reference for the decision-making of agricultural product companies or farmers. In order to ensure that the system can operate safely, smoothly and efficiently. After the whole process of product traceability, system development and coding is completed, the function and performance of the system are comprehensively evaluated, and the comprehensive performance of the system is tested through a series of use cases, and a test report is formed, thereby promoting the improvement and improvement of the overall performance of the system. The development of the system not only realizes the traceability of agricultural products, but also provides a safe and convenient service platform for agricultural product companies and consumers, and provides a strong guarantee for solving the quality problems of agricultural products.
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