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Product traceability, build a full chain traceability system

by:Fullgo     2022-11-21
Refinement management can query the source information of products circulating in the market by implementing traceability, and effectively find the person in charge of product quality, and enterprises with good production quality can also establish credibility. In order to improve product quality, service quality and corporate image, manufacturing enterprises are pursuing product traceability, that is, product quality traceability, and mainly focus on traceability and quality control. From raw materials to finished products, this system can trace every link of product production. With the purpose of ensuring the quality of products from raw materials to finished products is controllable, it helps and guides enterprises to carry out intelligent traceability of product production processes. By retrospectively recording the traceability information of all link products, one object, one code, it is convenient to trace the whole process information of the product in the later stage, improve and optimize the production process of the factory product, and at the same time facilitate the establishment of its own product traceability solution in the later stage. Whole life cycle information management product traceability can establish a product information database covering all stages from primary to deep processing. Once a problem product is found in time, it will be dealt with in a timely manner, and at the same time, product raw materials and processing will be standardized to help standardized product manufacturers establish their brands. Principle of traceability system: strengthen product quality supervision, and uniquely identify management objects in supply chain links such as production, procurement, processing, storage and retail. Fully automatic coding system and advanced quality inspection equipment ensure traceability and build brand image. The traceability scheme records the detailed information of each link of product production, processing and circulation, so that the product quality has strong traceability. Products are traceable, and data collection points are established in all aspects of product production, wholesale, circulation, and retail to achieve product tracking control and provide consumers with reliable and safe products. Accurate control of each link node can collect product data information and form product traceability files in important links in the product production process; thus forming product information monitoring from raw materials, production and processing, quality inspection, logistics and transportation. Product traceability, to establish full-process information traceability for product enterprises, can realize the full-process control of raw materials, production, logistics, transportation, sales, key personnel, stores, etc. Traceability system, accurate traceability of product information, source anti-counterfeiting, full-process traceability. To improve product quality, by using the traceability system, product information at all links can be collected and the information of each product can be shared. Establish a traceable information base for product raw materials, production and circulation; monitor and manage the entire process of all links. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extend reading the shelf life solution, manage the whole link to open up the application of the product quality traceability system, and strictly control the management
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