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Product traceability? Guarantee product quality

by:Fullgo     2023-01-29
Product supervision 1. Traceability function: Track, monitor and feedback the whole process of commodities from production to circulation and consumption; through the establishment of commodity quality information database, product archives, and enterprise credit system, modern information technology is used to effectively manage the entire life cycle of products . 2. It can be pasted on the original packaging of the product in the form of a label to achieve a more lightweight transformation and upgrade. The label can also independently design an anti-counterfeiting logo with brand characteristics, such as: holographic technology, scratch silver, double-layer label , Fragile paper and other anti-counterfeiting means to achieve integrated display of anti-counterfeiting, traceability and marketing. Tracing Management 1. Electronic registration of the status of the raw material in the warehouse, record the raw materials through the procurement voucher scan the code, and conduct all aspects of the product's raw materials procurement, production, processing, transportation, warehousing, terminal sales, etc. Process intelligent supervision. 2. The function of product traceability? Answer: With the QR code as the carrier, consumers can check the authenticity of the product by scanning the code on the mobile phone, and give each product a unique QR code, covering product production, processing, transportation, warehousing, packaging, logistics, distributors, Data collection, tracking and monitoring of all links in the hands of consumers. 3. From the perspective of enterprise management, the concepts of digital transformation, smart factories, and manufacturing have been popularized. From the perspective of cross-industry process manufacturing and supply chain cooperation, a simple and easy-to-use system is needed to realize the intelligent management of the whole process. , One item, one code just satisfies these, can enhance the value on the basis of the original product identification, realize the collection and upload of key data, and realize the construction of the whole chain visual management platform. Build a traceability platform database 1. The product traceability source code is generally displayed in the form of a 'two-dimensional code', which can be directly printed on the product packaging to realize the integration of packaging materials. Scan the code to view the information of each link, thereby improving the market of the enterprise. Competitiveness. 2. Realize the whole-process intelligent management of products, traceable sources, traceable products, preventable risks, and accountability. Establish a product quality traceability system for product anti-counterfeiting traceability and information sharing, and complete the whole-process quality supervision from production to sales throughout the life cycle. 3. By collecting relevant data of products in production, processing, storage, logistics and other links, establish a visual product file of the product, and fully display the relevant information of product quality to consumers. Managers can easily control the production links of the enterprise, find problems and deal with them in time, thereby improving the quality of products.
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