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Product traceability management, real-time data collection and transmission

by:Fullgo     2022-12-23
Information cannot be copied to ensure product quality: Standardization and standardization of production management is a powerful guarantee for improving product quality; effective protection of consumer rights and interests from infringement is an effective way to enhance corporate brand image. The whole process of digital management and control promotes the standardization, identification and traceability of product production; combined with the digital product control system and other means, the production environment, inputs, production process, digital inspection, standard comparison, processing, storage and transportation, supervision, etc. of products are digitized. Digital management of key links. Through the coding and empowerment of raw material management, production process control, warehousing and logistics management, and marketing supply chain management, the whole process of products can be traced, and the problem of multi-platform heterogeneous data sharing in the supply chain can be solved. And lay the data foundation for the digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises. Guarantee the brand interests of the enterprise Product traceability management, which can trace the whole process of the product from production, circulation to consumption. The system starts from the management of material in and out of the warehouse, material feeding, returning, finished product packaging, sales and warehouse are all completed by scanning the code on the mobile phone the entire management process. Establish the technology and tools to record and report data in the enterprise information database to ensure product quality and provide technical support for the implementation of the traceability system; traceability labels, later can scan the traceability source code to understand product information, track product flow, and achieve product traceability management. Product traceability is a selling point, allowing consumers to clearly know that the entire cycle from product production to terminal can be traced through the anti-counterfeiting label on the package. Product traceability management can improve the transparency of all aspects of production, enhance corporate brand credibility, and increase consumer confidence. Realize the sharing of each product information. The production, processing, sales, inspection and other information of the product are displayed by scanning the QR code, so that consumers are more assured and recognized. The management of each link of the product is traceable throughout the whole process, which can improve the digitalization of products for enterprises, facilitate product tracking management, and can check the source to ensure the transparency and visualization of product information. From raw material acquisition to sales, traceability management of each link, real-time control of each process, to ensure product quality; timely response to quality problems, tracking product history, and improving product quality. The anti-smuggling traceability system allows enterprises to store evidence for distributors' smuggling problems through market supervision, system testing, and consumer supervision, which can help the market to operate better, and enterprises can fully grasp all information about the flow of goods.
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