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Product traceability management to effectively ensure product quality

by:Fullgo     2022-11-18
To avoid risks, QR code technology is used to assign the barcode on the product packaging to each independent product (each product corresponds to a unique string of numbers), which is a means to realize the whole-process tracking management from raw materials to terminal stores. Product traceability management, complete the establishment of product coding and packaging associations, complete the establishment of logistics path associations through logistics node receipt and delivery scanning, complete the establishment of traceability link chain information and provide query services. Using a traceability system for products, information can be queried, counterfeit goods can be reduced, all product processes can be tracked, supervision and control, and defective products can be recalled. One item, one code, track all link information through QR code, transparent consumption, and improve product trust. Traceability system - link chain raw and auxiliary materials: 1) order management; 2) batch management; 3) basic data of raw materials; 4) code management of raw and auxiliary materials; 5) quality inspection management; ) Material picking management; 2) Material feeding management; 3) Finished product production management, including product, batch and other attribute management; 4) Finished product coding management; 5) Finished product scanning and packaging management. Warehouse: 1) General warehouse; 2) Inbound and outbound management; 3) Inventory management; 4) Order management; 5) Transfer and return management. Channels and stores: 1) Multi-level dealer management; 2) Order management; 3) Inventory management; 4) Inventory management; 5) Order management; 6) Transfer and return management; 7) Store sales management; 8) Key people management. Consumers: purchase store, consumer mobile phone number/wechat number, location, shopping guide, and purchase products. Effectively implement the responsibility of practitioners. Enterprises establish a traceability system internally and through the traceability system of the entire industry chain in external cooperation. If the responsibilities of different subjects can be effectively defined, the responsibility of practitioners can be effectively implemented, risks can be avoided, and emergency response capabilities can be improved. After the single product is assigned the traceability code, the single product traceability code can be scanned, and another hidden single product traceability code can be printed on the top of the product. In this way, after the product is automatically packed into the box, the relationship between the single product and the box is established through the in-box scanning scheme.
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