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Product traceability platform function, refined management of each link

by:Fullgo     2022-11-20
Traceability and control are realized directly on the traceability management platform to generate encrypted traceability QR code information, and traceability labels can be printed. Therefore, when we are inquiring, we only need to identify the product-specific QR code ID card to quickly query all the data records of the product, and at the same time, we can also find out the production and sales of the same batch of products horizontally. You can check all kinds of information related to the product, such as production, processing, sales, testing, etc., to realize the traceability of the entire product chain. The traceability system can realize the information recording and management of the whole product cycle, which greatly improves the work efficiency and enhances the traceability of the product. Information traceability product traceability platform function, starting from raw materials, each product has a unique two-dimensional code, each two-dimensional code is like an ID card with the product's 'lifetime', when the product passes through each link, it is Add information to a system like this QR code. Realize the comprehensive and complete intelligent monitoring of all aspects of product production, processing, transportation, warehousing, terminal sales, etc., and realize the intelligent management of products throughout the process. The source of products can be traced back, each product can be inspected, risks can be prevented, and responsibilities can be investigated. The company produces products, basic information on procurement sources, manufacturing process, raw materials used in production and procurement, packaging information, sales area data and other information. After the basic database is formed, the production, processing, sales and inspection of products are displayed by scanning the QR code. And other information, consumers are more assured and recognized. It is the basis and core of the product traceability system to avoid losses to the greatest extent. It is mainly used for the unified management of production information of product production units, and records the basic information of products, production information, raw material source information, used material information, packaging information, sales information, etc. , which constitutes the basic database of traceability management. The traceability system combines the current advanced Internet of Things technology, automatic identification technology, and Internet technology to give each product unique data as an ID card through labeling or coding, so as to realize 'one object, one code', and each level of shipment can be Scan the code and trace the delivery to prevent the phenomenon of disordered prices and smuggling in the market.
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