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Product traceability principle to ensure product quality in the whole process

by:Fullgo     2023-01-29
Improve the commercial value of products by establishing a complete traceability mechanism, making the source of products transparent, the process open, and the destination traceable; through the monitoring and management of the whole life cycle of products, improve the operational efficiency and quality control capabilities of enterprises. The commodity traceability system digitally manages the source of products through information technology, establishes an 'identity card' system for products, and realizes QR code traceability for products entering the market. information. Through traceability, consumers can clearly shop and understand the raw materials, formula ratio, manufacturing process, production and processing, packaging and logistics of the products, which can not only regulate the production management of the enterprise, effectively prevent various business speculation problems within the enterprise, but also Establish a good market reputation and give consumers enough trust. Realize product tracking and traceability to manage the whole life cycle of goods from production to sales, so as to ensure product quality;"Business-Consumer-Regulatory"traceability system to improve product quality and influence. The operational data of the entire traceability process is managed by a unified database server, with highly complete, confidential, and diversified data query and reporting, which facilitates data analysis and provides decision-making basis for management. When entering and leaving the warehouse, the supervision code is activated and uploaded to the traceability platform. During the circulation process, the production date, shelf life, product authenticity, sales destination and other information can be inquired by scanning, calling, and entering the traceability code. The traceable source code carries the production information to trace the cause, and it can also check whether there is a phenomenon of smuggling in the market according to the shipping information corresponding to the traceable code. The principle of product traceability is carefully managed for products. Brand products use anti-counterfeiting traceability codes. Enterprises maintain their own interests. Consumers can check the authenticity of products through the anti-counterfeiting traceability codes and purchase branded products. The traceable anti-counterfeiting system provides each commodity with a unique traceable anti-counterfeiting certificate, binds a unique electronic ID card, and collects and records information in product production, circulation, consumption and other links. Based on the identification technology, targeted solutions can be proposed to ensure that the enterprise can collect quality information quickly, accurately and in real time, and can realize the full life cycle tracking management of products. Anti-counterfeiting traceability codes can be used to crack down on counterfeiting. Products with anti-counterfeiting traceability codes can gain the trust of consumers; enterprises customize anti-counterfeiting traceability codes to achieve anti-counterfeiting functions. The traceability system has the advantage that faulty products can be recalled, and regulatory authorities can quickly find the source of the product through records.
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