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Product traceability system, comprehensive supervision and data traceability

by:Fullgo     2023-01-29
Learn more about the product information by scanning the traceable QR code to record, and each product is placed in the correct number, so that it is convenient to check the usage of the warehouse. When the products are added and shipped out in the future, the warehouse management documents can be generated, which is very important for the flow of products. very effective. The product traceability system is of great significance and value in the entire process of production and sales of enterprise products, such as: internal raw material management and production management, as well as packaging management and other entire process links, any link can be effectively traced and traced. Control. Now major brands use the product traceability system to effectively reduce work costs and improve work management efficiency. In the management of information records in each link, they can be more complete and accurate, so that product quality can be comprehensively improved, product information can be quickly shared, and it is convenient to formulate Various decisions, but also avoid wasting too much time at work. Manage products from the source At this stage, more and more companies use product traceability systems to improve product production management capabilities and avoid too much pressure in management. Realize the full traceability of products from the production source to the circulation link, and can also provide enterprises with comprehensive management solutions such as anti-counterfeiting, anti-channeling, and brand protection. Enterprises carry out detailed data management, which has a basis for difficulties such as completion of information and responsibility subordination, so that enterprises can reduce internal friction, increase efficiency, and solve problems more effectively. Product life cycle traceability, quality and safety management, defect recall; help enterprises to achieve analysis and statistical reports for each node management, and provide support for enterprise decision-making. Improve corporate brand reputation, product quality supervision, registration and filing of products and their raw materials, on the other hand, product production and operation enterprises need to establish their own business files, and establish and implement a product purchase inspection system. It is really helpful for enterprises to increase profits and reduce operating costs; product traceability systems can meet targeted needs in practical applications and meet professional and intelligent management standards. The quality traceability system is used to record the person in charge of each link. When there is a problem with the product, the responsibility can be assigned to the person. In this way, the production management of the enterprise can be strengthened, the brand image of the enterprise can be improved, and the problem product can be quickly located through the system. Realize accurate recall, avoid the spread of problem products, and reduce the negative impact on the enterprise.
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