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Product traceability system, full traceability

by:Fullgo     2023-01-30
Display detailed products through the code issuing function of the QR code marketing platform, giving the product a unique identity code, starting from the identity data of the smallest unit, and providing basic data for subsequent logistics tracking and interactive marketing. The product traceability system is a set that can link end products and production bases in a short period of time, and openly and transparently show every link of product circulation. The application of QR code has been recognized by enterprises. This system has the advantages of convenient product inquiry, detailed data, and logistics traceability during use. The encryption technology of this system is complex and cannot be cracked under normal circumstances. The system can effectively carry out large-scale management and detailed management of commodities. Strengthen the management and control of the entire supply chain upstream and downstream, with the use of data as the incision, provide guidance for enterprises to improve and optimize production processes, realize the optimization and upgrading of the overall industry, protect the brand, and promote the high-quality development of brand products. The principle of the traceability system: From the product to the consumer, the product traceability realizes the tracking of all aspects of the product circulation, and creates a whole-process information chain for the enterprise. According to the technical principle of one code for one item, consumers can learn the key information of the product by scanning the QR code on the product. Taking 'one product, one code' as the incision, through consumers scanning the QR code, the whole chain can trace the inspection information of the raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products of the enterprise, and reproduce the 'previous and present scene' of the product quality of the enterprise; take the one-time traceability as the incision, By strengthening process records, once a quality problem occurs in an enterprise's products, it can be corrected, improved and recovered in a timely manner, promoting the big scene of regional product supervision. Source control of products After products are sold, consumers' purchase information can be viewed in the QR code traceability system, and companies can also see the results of marketing activities. Communication is formed between consumers and companies, and companies are monitoring products. When optimizing and improving your marketing campaigns, you also have data to refer to. Taking consumer rights protection as the starting point and anti-counterfeiting traceability as the foundation, the realization of product traceability to achieve the important purpose of corporate brand protection. Realize the exchange of product data and information, specify the construction direction of the traceability system at all levels through the top-level design standards and basis, and play the true role of product traceability throughout the chain. The abnormal situation of each node can be controlled in advance, and the management is easier and more efficient; it can help enterprises realize the analysis and statistical reports of each node management, and provide support for enterprise decision-making. The traceability system can record and check information in all aspects of production and sales, and the whole process information is completely transparently displayed, making the product safer and more reliable. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extended reading traceability system, all links are supervised throughout the whole process of traceability and anti-channeling technology, the system automatically records location information
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