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Product traceability system to improve product quality level

by:Fullgo     2022-11-19
The quality traceability control generates the unique quality traceability label of the product through the specific logic encryption algorithm of the platform, and attaches the label to the product packaging, so that one packaging label corresponds to one batch of products, ensuring product quality. Traceability refers to the use of automatic identification and IT technology to record the production, sales, storage, use, maintenance and other information of a series of links, and share information through the traceability system platform to serve users and regulators in all links. Realize that each product has a unique product number, and collect and track data on product suppliers, raw materials, production, warehousing, sales, market inspections, and consumption. Consumers can check the authenticity of the product by scanning the code. Fake information prompts to reduce the risk of counterfeiting. In the process of using the two-dimensional code traceability system, the remote monitoring product inspection enterprise can trace the data of the single product, batch, inbound and outbound, delivery, etc. of the product, and the production flow of each product can be clearly checked. Enterprises carry out detailed data management, which has a basis for difficulties such as completion of information and responsibility subordination, so that enterprises can reduce internal friction, increase efficiency, and solve problems more effectively. The full-cycle traceability function realizes the full-cycle management of product production, sales, circulation and service; recording product production, transportation, sales and other links is an effective means to ensure quality. Scanning information is recorded and checked in every link from production to sales, and the entire process information is completely transparently displayed, making the product safer and more reliable. The traceability system is based on the technical principle of one item, one code. Consumers can scan the traceability QR code on the product to learn the key information of the product. Track production information and raw material information in the whole process. The encryption technology of this system is complex and cannot be cracked under normal circumstances. Using this system can effectively manage commodities on a large scale and in detail. Trace the two-dimensional code, the information in the two-dimensional code can record the information of the full cycle of the product, and then track the two-dimensional code. The system platform is based on the Internet of Things technology and relies on carriers such as two-dimensional codes to establish a process from raw material storage to production picking. Product traceability systems, by identifying products and tracking movement and usage, can provide accurate and detailed production information to upstream systems. Give feedback to customers and final consumers, recall problem products, and reduce the losses of enterprises themselves, customers and consumers. The establishment of this system can make effective analysis on data, can deal with various problem products, and can also strengthen and optimize the weak points in production and management of enterprises. Establish a traceability QR code for each product to trace the information of the entire industry chain, from raw materials to production, warehousing, circulation, and sales.
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