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Product traceability system, whole industry chain traceability supervision and control

by:Fullgo     2022-11-21
All-round data collection product traceability system, information management improvement, authenticity inquiry, terminal sales, channel logistics, packaging and warehousing, to realize product production and processing. Greatly meet the requirements of the information technology society and consumers for product transparency and information dissemination speed. Business management analysis, traceability, flexibility, completeness, clarity, precision. A traceable chain covering all business links where sources can be checked, whereabouts can be traced, and responsibilities can be investigated. When the enterprise establishes the traceability system, it comprehensively covers all aspects such as raw material in and out, production process control, product inspection, product storage and sales, and uniquely identifies the batches of received raw materials, auxiliary materials, intermediate processes and end products. , to achieve the traceability of the entire production chain from the supplier's incoming materials to the final product distribution. The significance of the whole-process traceability system for product quality, information sharing, convenient for consumers to query product information, track and manage products, realize the management and control of each link, prevent counterfeiting and forgery, and ensure product quality. The product traceability management system is to obtain linkage information traceability from the information platform through key links such as product raw material acquisition, processing, packaging, testing, transportation, product quality, circulation process and other information. Enterprises troubleshoot problems by looking up records, inspecting samples, etc. The scope of trouble shooting involves the entire process of product realization, from raw and auxiliary materials warehousing, production receipt and use, production process control, product inspection, product warehousing, product distribution, and sales. A customer information to realize the traceability of the whole production process. The basic database product traceability management method that constitutes traceability management is mainly traceability two-dimensional codes. Each two-dimensional code is a unique identifier. When circulating between two-dimensional codes, after reading the corresponding information, the traceability information is transmitted to trace back to the platform for processing. Batch number records are standardized and labels are made to realize complete logistics operations from raw materials to finished product delivery. The traceability system records information such as batch numbers and suppliers, as well as key information such as batch numbers and purchase orders. Combining its own capabilities and product characteristics, the enterprise continuously strengthens the whole-process quality management and risk control, and continuously improves product quality. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extend reading traceability management system, realize production intelligent veterinary drug traceability system, and integrate product management
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