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Product traceability system with multiple functions and comprehensive

by:Fullgo     2022-11-21
The quality monitoring product traceability system has achieved one code for one item, ensuring no duplication, preventing counterfeiting of labels, reducing counterfeit goods, and achieving full-stage anti-counterfeiting traceability, and information can be inquired by scanning it. Record the entire process information from raw material acquisition management, production, processing, circulation, warehousing, and sales, and provide consumers with transparent product information through online inquiries, mobile phone scanning QR codes and other inquiries, and establish an efficient and convenient traceability system for enterprises. Traceability can not only help enterprises to control the quality of products, but also has great significance for the promotion of corporate brands; traceable products are more trusted by consumers, and the whole process of traceability of enterprise products is implemented, and consumer publicity can realize the re-dissemination of corporate image. The refined management realizes the rapid collection and summary of key information such as product formula ingredients, supply of raw and auxiliary materials, product production batches, relevant responsible personnel, product inspection, and sales whereabouts. Using a product traceability system and a brand-new product information management system, a complete product database is established to record the information of each stage of product production and circulation. Through the traceability system, each product is given a unique traceability code, and the products are bound one-to-one. Consumers can obtain the detailed information of the product by scanning the code. A truly reliable traceability system can query product information. It collects data information in real time for all aspects of the factory, tracks and controls the entire production process from raw materials online to finished product storage, stores product production information, and records in detail the production information of products in the manufacturing process. The file is clear at a glance. The traceability system deeply analyzes the product information, the whole process from production to sale, which can improve the transparency of the product process, and more importantly, win more trust from consumers for enterprises. Through the collection and arrangement of information, we can effectively grasp the whole process of products from raw materials entering the factory to the sales terminal; we can also timely discover product quality problems and market trends; at the same time, we can also provide accurate market intelligence for enterprise decision makers , market forecast data, etc. The product traceability system applies the one-object-one-code technology, which greatly improves the efficiency and automation level of product traceability information management, and strengthens the development and utilization of existing product information data, updates the terminal equipment for reading and traceability, upgrades network technology, and establishes big data. Central database to improve the construction of the whole chain traceability system from manufacturing to production.
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