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Product traceability technology to realize automatic product monitoring

by:Fullgo     2022-11-20
Guarantee product quality After consumers scan the QR code after purchasing the product, the 'channel' of the company's QR code marketing will be opened, so the traceability QR code is the key to the entire traceability system. The product traceability system realizes the traceability management of product life cycle information records such as commodity production and processing, packaging and warehousing, channel logistics, terminal sales, authenticity inquiry, and data analysis through the product traceability system of one item, one code technology. Product traceability technology, by adding a unique, intact and confidential identity and special identification to the commodity, so as to complete the strict monitoring of the outbound, inbound, logistics and other links of the commodity, and make each network in the distribution network have a strong Commodity verification function, when the commodity enters the sales terminal, consumers can easily complete the traceability of the commodity by scanning the QR code, thus ensuring the reliability of the commodity. Effectively carry out traceability and control to provide customers with a one-stop product coding and identification traceability marketing solution, and more efficiently solve the whole industry chain traceability of special products and important products. To put it simply, one product, one code, gives each category a unique identity, forming a full-chain closed-loop management and key data collection for raw materials, production, processing, quality inspection, warehousing, logistics, and terminals. Traceability system + mobile marketing concept, while tracking the production stage and sales area of ​​goods, you can also learn about other product information of the company, which plays a role in promoting the company and accelerating the spread of the company's brand. By scanning the QR code on the product package with a mobile phone, users can quickly view the entire traceability file information of the product from production, processing and inspection to packaging and logistics through pictures, text, and real-time video. The whole application scenario is a product tracking and traceability one-object-one-code traceability system platform, which identifies each link of the supply chain such as product production, processing, storage, transportation and retail, and links with each other to obtain data information of each link. The traceability system can monitor the control points of each link of the production line in real time to ensure product quality from the source. Focusing on product quality traceability, the data information of each link can be input, and the whole process can be traced to reflect the product value. Form the information monitoring of products from raw materials, production and processing, quality inspection, logistics and transportation. The significance of using the traceability system for products allows consumers to view product production and processing information anytime, anywhere, and enhances the objectivity and authenticity of traceability information.
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