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Products use one item, one code marketing system to realize the integration of product and sales

by:Fullgo     2022-11-19
Marketing activities are more accurate to give products a unique code as an entry, but this is just the beginning. One product, one code: Products have zero contact with consumers. In the era of scene-based products, products are the best consumer entrance. Content: Content broadly refers to the value provided to consumers. However, in the era of sceneization, content must have the characteristics of 'interactivity' and 'communicability'. Use data to empower business growth. When the product itself becomes the entrance, relying on big data, a closed-loop model of user interaction + data + content is formed. The product uses a one-item-one-code marketing system to help companies build a bridge of interaction and communication with consumers, and achieve consumption big data acquisition through one-item, one-code precision marketing. Real-time effect and flexible adjustment of operation and promotion execution: system upgrade, reach users through mini programs, realize the activation, promotion, sticky operation of old members, and the promotion of new members. Design operation strategy design in combination with actual research: conduct research in each region to understand the local market situation, carry out regional activity strategy design, precise operation, user interaction touchpoint design, and accumulate members. Operation optimization: Based on member data analysis, focus on short-term implementation, efficient response, rapid iteration, continuously optimize the operation process, and adjust the operation plan in a timely manner to further match the pace of business development. Data empowerment business: Centered on member data, data collection and analysis are carried out from multiple dimensions such as people and goods yard, business problems, and business goal verification, and then dismantling goals in the short, medium and long term, using data to speak, supplemented by lines The following verification methods can help enterprises use data to empower business value. Realize consumption big data to obtain user interaction: In the era of scenario-based, consumers have plenty of choices. This means that brands have to grasp consumers in fleeting contact with consumers. Strategy import: formulate annual enterprise operation plans and strategies through research and data inventory, and import year-round operation and monitoring from three aspects: products, platforms, and private domains. Effect analysis and optimization: staged activity effect data analysis, and put forward suggestions for effect conversion improvement; continue to accumulate data assets and continuously enrich consumer member analysis portraits. Data: Data is the most powerful driving force of this era. Through the use of data, you can identify, recognize and predict your consumers. Cleaning of existing data assets: sorting out the historical data of each activity by dimension, de-duplicating and merging user data, and user stratification/regional classification. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extended reading One item, one code BC-end marketing model, channel efficiency to improve cosmetics, one item, one code digital marketing plan to improve the effect of marketing activities
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