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QR code anti-counterfeiting, build brand reputation

by:Fullgo     2022-11-25
Realized traceability and anti-counterfeiting customized QR code anti-counterfeiting traceability system has characteristics, and key nodes such as product production, rush, transportation, and sales are customized and developed, mainly to make a traceability system that is convenient for both enterprises and consumers. According to the customized QR code link, using typesetting and Internet technology as the medium, according to everyone's curious psychological state and various promotion planning methods, the anti-counterfeiting logo can be recognized by the masses, and the number of fans can be increased by scanning the QR code. Assign one code to each product, QR code anti-counterfeiting, and open up the retailer membership system to realize rebates when members scan the code; on the consumer side, customers can simply and conveniently scan the code to enter the merchant's activity page to get points and rebates and conduct raffle prizes. Reliable sources of information Anti-counterfeiting labels have also become anti-counterfeiting labels, and anti-counterfeiting stickers are a type of self-adhesive products, which can be posted, printed, and transported on the surface of the subject matter, on the packaging of the subject matter, and accessories of the subject matter, such as: product listing, hand thorns , On the anti-counterfeiting card, the logo with anti-counterfeiting effect. The classic usage scenario of QR codes for one item, one code cannot be reused, effectively preventing counterfeit goods from appearing; the QR code can be covered, and consumers can tear and uncover the QR code to scan after purchasing the product. A practical method, two-dimensional code technology is very effective in the field of anti-counterfeiting. The printing material technology of anti-counterfeiting label itself has anti-counterfeiting function, such as: paper is fragile, and the material itself has the characteristics of easy sticking and difficult to restore. It cannot be recovered if it is left on the object to be attached, and then it has the anti-counterfeiting effect of anti-tear, anti-theft and anti-adjustment. Easily crack down on counterfeiting and assign codes to products, and drive the digitization of the entire marketing system through product digitization, so that brand owners can connect, track, and deposit consumers. The use of two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting labels can prevent counterfeiting to a certain extent and distinguish it from other similar products; secondly, it provides consumers with a way to check the authenticity of products. The one-thing-one-code technology breaks channel barriers and takes data as the core to realize the seamless connection between people, goods and markets, allowing consumers to become the starting point of marketing again, thus helping brands achieve a closed loop of intelligent marketing. Consumers scan the QR code with their mobile phones, and they can immediately identify the true and false; the client can push product pictures. It will promote sales, because consumers of the same product will give priority to products with anti-counterfeiting labels, which can quickly identify authenticity.
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