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QR code product marketing, formulate precise marketing strategies

by:Fullgo     2022-11-30
A variety of marketing activities to improve customer favorability, scanning QR codes to receive red envelopes, and integration of multiple functions in the Points Mall to help companies achieve sales growth. The terminal store information obtained based on different activities can help enterprises to master the terminal store information and data, realize precise marketing, and establish a complete marketing system. Two-dimensional code product marketing, set up various marketing activities, set up prizes and winning rates, help brands increase product sales, increase sales with one product, one code, and gain consumer trust. Realize brand promotion, store empowerment and channel interest binding, real-time online write-off through process design, online communication and interaction between terminal stores and users, highlighting the diversified value of offline scenarios. Make the workflow more convenient. Enterprises can customize marketing activities according to their needs, collect consumer data, help enterprises analyze consumers, understand user preferences, and customize marketing activities. Distribution and other user portrait data, timely understanding of product trends and marketing effects, so as to achieve rapid and effective adjustment of the next marketing plan, make user operations more efficient, and further improve user experience. Obtain brand-related information and online participation in activities, obtain exchange coupons to unlock rights according to the instructions of the activity rules, and then go to offline stores for online verification and receive activities of the same specifications. Form a closed-loop marketing from enterprises to consumers - brands realize various marketing activities through QR codes, and open up the interaction from online to offline; consumers can participate in brand online marketing activities by scanning the code after making purchases at offline terminals. Strengthening the interaction between consumers and brands helps enterprises to complete brand fission communication from multiple angles. Every scan of a consumer’s code is the entrance of marketing, which strengthens user awareness and increases the stickiness with consumers. The user scan results can be displayed in the background to help enterprises manage marketing and data, and the linkage marketing model with consumers can make user operation more effective and effectively improve user experience. The points earned by consumers after scanning the code can be collected after following the official account; this can guide consumers to pay attention to the brand’s official account, become its fans and accumulate a stable fan base for the brand. Through the scanning code and activity participation data, the investment area and activity type can be adjusted, the market dynamics can be grasped in real time, and the decision-making direction of the enterprise can be adjusted. Online management and control of data such as terminal stores and marketing expenses enables brands to realize online marketing activities.
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