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QR code quality traceability to record the entire production cycle of the product

by:Fullgo     2022-11-29
More controllable Through the quality traceability system, the transparency of product information is realized, so that consumers can know all the information of the product, and enhance the customer's trust in the corporate brand. The product traceability system directly applies key product traceability technologies such as species identification technology, electronic coding technology, automatic identification and data collection technology, which helps to enhance the collection, processing, transmission, and application of product traceability information, and improves the flexibility of product traceability operations. One product, one code can also achieve effective brand promotion, quality traceability, prevention of market price disorder, consumer and key person marketing, etc., with traceability as the starting point, the whole process of digital management, so that brand trust is continuously improved on the basis of products, Improve product premium capability and ensure product quality! Realize data transparency, QR code traceability throughout the process, can manage the interception of goods, each product has a unique two-dimensional code, you can easily know the flow of goods, sales data, management records, prevent interception, monitor cross-selling, Bring greater promotional revenue. The two-dimensional code traceability system can also prevent goods from smuggling, product packaging, outer box labeling, warehouses, dealers, stores, sales outlets, and consumers throughout the cycle control, control the product price system, and ensure that each product is in the dealer's regulations. sold within the range. In the application of the one-item-one-code traceability system, each product has its own traceability label. Later, you can scan the traceability code to understand product information, track product flow, and achieve product traceability management; product traceability information collection, information transmission, information Processing, information query. Comprehensively improve product quality to establish a credible circulation system for enterprises including production, logistics and sales; the traceability system is the traceability basis for consumers to purchase products, and it is also a tool for enterprises to comprehensively display and market high-quality products. Oriented traceability, the platform manages various information of products in and out of the warehouse, and the flow of products can be managed and processed by relying on various collected information and data to achieve accurate traceability of the entire product life cycle. Product quality traceability system: base management, raw material management, production management, packaging and coding, warehouse management, distribution anti-channeling, product full-cycle traceability and protection of the entire process of brand products, to achieve refined supervision and control from raw material bases to market terminals. The quality traceability of QR code realizes the traceability management of information in production, circulation and other links, and provides the basis for supervision, management, support and decision-making for regulatory authorities. The product traceability system manages each link, and the key link information is open and transparent, which increases the transparency of product traceability.
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