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Quality management traceability, traceability technical support and consumer rights protection

by:Fullgo     2023-01-10
Conducive to building brand image From production to warehousing and logistics, to terminal stores, China Merchants helps users achieve full digital solutions. Product traceability systems can help companies better manage supply chains and effectively integrate commodity consumption and production logistics. Through a high degree of customization of the traceability process, it can adapt to the traceability needs of products from all walks of life and a wide range of categories; let the brand trust continuously improve on the basis of products, improve the premium ability of products and ensure product quality! Quality management traceability can realize two-way traceability of each batch of goods from raw materials to finished products, and from finished products to raw materials. Through the quality traceability system, the transparency of product information is realized, so that consumers can know all the information of the product and increase consumers' trust in the corporate brand. Displaying all information such as the supply chain has safe and reliable computing and data processing capabilities, powerful functions, high efficiency and stability, and is the key to building a traceability system, providing a complete set of data solutions for the traceability system. The production of the quality traceability system can effectively improve consumers' trust in the enterprise, increase the sales volume of the enterprise brand, and realize a network of intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring and management of items. Consumers can query the traceability code on the traceability label through the Internet, scan the QR code on the traceability label through the mobile terminal, and clearly understand the origin of the product, processing enterprises, logistics channels, terminal sales companies, etc. Provide enterprises with whole-process management and tracking management of products, and provide factories with information automation management solutions from the closed-loop system of raw material procurement, production, and sales. The main feature of the system is data security, with real-time software backup for each manual entry stage. Perfect and rich enterprise information archives Enterprises can achieve precise management of the production and processing process of product raw materials by building a product QR code quality traceability system, supervise and supervise, from source to process, ensure product quality, and make consumers more assured about the company's products . From raw material acquisition to sales, traceability management of each link, real-time control of each process, to ensure product quality; timely response to quality problems, tracking of product information records in all links, real-time supervision and control of all links, production of qualified finished products, and then improve product quality quality. The one-item-one-code system helps companies establish a good reputation by giving each product a unique identity, so that consumers can buy with confidence. Traceability systems can either be used to record inspection results, tie them to product batches, or isolate batches until inspection passes.
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