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by:Fullgo     2023-01-23
When the two words quality and safety are widely used in people's lives, the more common application scenarios are some anti-counterfeiting situations. When we, as consumers, have the behavior of buying products all the time, what products can be bought. What is reliable quality is a question that needs to be answered. For consumers, a better way is to set some technical functions on the product, so what is a reliable anti-counterfeiting company? Before finding a reliable anti-counterfeiting company, we must first look at the daily anti-counterfeiting work of the company How should it be done? It can be seen first that there are some two-dimensional codes and RFIDs that are often the carriers of data. Therefore, the key lies in the choice of anti-counterfeiting logic. Because no matter what kind of QR code with random noise is often faced with a problem. That is, it cannot physically be cloned. The problem is that the data can be cloned. Therefore, we say that when consumers face any anti-counterfeiting technology, the first thing they need to know is whether the data is generated by authorized enterprises. Secondly, whether the traceable data is exclusive, that is, only one person can own it. There is also whether the data carrier is unclonable. Therefore, consumers cannot even determine the source of the data. In this case it doesn't matter whether it can be cloned or not. We say that even if the material, design, and craftsmanship are almost the same as the original, it is still a high-quality imitation without authorization. We say that anti-counterfeiting should solve the problem of ensuring the uniqueness of goods. Generally speaking, this is not a problem that QR codes or RFID can solve at the physical level. Therefore, it is necessary to guarantee the particularity of commodities from a logical level. Whether we use QR code or RFID as the data medium, we can see that the commonly used logic is 'one object, one code' + the number of times the anti-counterfeiting code has been read. Therefore, this anti-counterfeiting logic is very tasteless. There's absolutely nothing we can do about this by saying 'physics can't be replicated'. It can be seen that the new research is to protect the particularity of commodities from 'property rights'. Therefore, there are several RFID researches in this direction, but little progress has been made. It can be seen that one of the reasons is the authenticity of the data source: so how can the RFID (or other data medium) produced by the anti-counterfeiting enterprise guarantee the problem of coming from the authorized enterprise? We say that the new anti-counterfeiting technology is blockchain-based 'digital property rights', so it is possible to protect data without relying on physical media at all. Even fewer people understand digital property rights, and I believe they will appear in everyone's daily life in the next few years. Therefore, we can draw a conclusion that reliable anti-counterfeiting companies often need some parameters of indicators. Before finding these things, you can first understand what is the current anti-counterfeiting technology as above. But we say that when we understand what is the current Fangwei technology, what we can do is to do as much innovative research on some technologies as possible and develop the technology continuously, which is conducive to our better development.
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