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RFID marketing system to meet the personalized customization needs of enterprises

by:Fullgo     2022-12-09
Attractive RFID technology collects data more accurately, combined with big data analysis technology, realizes intelligent automatic analysis, establishes a comprehensive user portrait, and achieves precise marketing effects of thousands of people and thousands of faces. Through the reading function of RFID, unmanned retail and intelligent settlement can be implemented, which greatly improves the customer shopping experience and saves labor costs. Let consumers better understand products and brands, enhance customer stickiness, and achieve resource integration. According to the presentation forms and marketing methods of different products, focus on the key points and diversify the promotion. For RFID marketing activities, when the scene needs to be motivated, the code activity attribute, that is, the activity value, can be given, such as: activity time, winning probability, prize information, participation strategy, etc., through the activity attribute to meet the scene needs. Establish a new retail marketing channel for enterprises to increase the rate of customer return visits, optimize shelf space utilization efficiency, and make inventory levels reasonable; allow customers to easily find the products they need, feel value for money and build trust in purchases, thereby forming repeat purchases and word of mouth. Through the deployment of software and hardware products in retail stores, real-time data is collected and screened to form effective data, helping retail enterprises to understand real-time operational status, realize intelligent management, and improve operational efficiency. Through a series of marketing activities such as scanning code to send red envelopes, lottery draws, sending traffic, sending coupons, sending prizes, etc., the sales of products have been increased. One thing, one code marketing system can obtain a large amount of user data, and use this data to do a lot of market demand analysis, so as to make reasonable marketing plans and strategies. To improve the scanning participation rate of end users, the marketing effect can be better, and a variety of activity incentives can be flexibly and diversified to plan marketing activities for key people. Improve the accuracy of inventory statistics and sales statistics, and accumulate accurate data for analyzing customer preferences and improving operational efficiency. The RFID marketing system turns each product into a distribution channel, realizes precise marketing, and attracts users to participate in the game of scanning the code to send red envelopes; increasing the repurchase rate of consumers, increasing consumer stickiness, increasing the brand's exposure, and promoting the brand Business operation enablement. After scanning the code, consumers can follow the page prompts and follow the official account to receive prizes; provide brands with appropriate marketing plans to help product brands increase efficiency and convenience! Consumer data is the 'compass' of corporate marketing. Successful marketing is based on data reference, product planning, and marketing goals. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extended reading one item one code scratch card, scan code accurate red envelope marketing one item one code lottery marketing system, to achieve the role of offline drainage online
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