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RFID wine anti-counterfeiting traceability, query and tracking

by:Fullgo     2022-12-09
Introduction: RFID anti-counterfeiting traceability, using anti-counterfeiting technology and customizing the system, realizes the uniqueness and non-transferability of identification features. Each anti-counterfeiting traceability label can only be used once and cannot be transferred. Provide enough information to use anti-counterfeiting labels, consumers are more trustworthy, it is easy to judge the authenticity of products and distinguish between genuine and fake products. The RFID technology chip can carry a large amount of data, and can record the data information generated in the entire circulation process to realize the traceability function. You can collect and store information, record sales trends, and quickly view sales trends for that product. The RFID anti-counterfeiting traceability system is widely used, and has very good results in terms of commodity traceability, commodity circulation, and meeting the needs of market supervision. UHF RFID wine anti-counterfeiting advantages: each label has a unique manufacturer code, which cannot be modified and counterfeited. There is a mutual authentication process between the reader and the tag; the data storage is large, the content can be erased and rewritten many times, and logistics and supply chain management and control based on UHF RFID technology can also be established. Electronic tags are convenient for data reading. While realizing the tracking function, they can also be extended to the management application of smart stores, which helps to improve the consumer experience and product security of the finished product supply chain. The RFID supply chain management application can effectively solve the problem of product theft and replacement. , counterfeiting, etc. Using RFID technology, there is no mechanical wear and anti-fouling; the reader has a physical interface that is not directly open to users to ensure its own security; in terms of data security, in addition to the password protection of the tag, the data part uses encryption algorithms to achieve security management. RFID anti-counterfeiting technology can prevent counterfeit products from flowing into the sales market, control product quality, supervise and manage sales personnel, formulate reasonable service strategies, guide enterprise product design and positioning, strengthen market control and management, and improve the timeliness of business decisions. Build a bridge of mutual trust In the production process of the product, by attaching the RFID electronic anti-counterfeiting traceability label to each wine, the relevant information of the product can be recorded on the label to realize real-time supervision of the product. RFID wine anti-counterfeiting traceability can solve the problem of counterfeiting and smuggling through RFID technology, and apply RFID electronic tags to wine and water, so that the whole process can be controlled. RFID tags can be packaged in various forms, which are beneficial to be applied to commodities; and can be made to be not easily damaged. RFID electronic anti-counterfeiting traceability label features: difficult to imitate, non-reproducible, non-reusable, easy to identify authenticity, etc. Each electronic tag of RFID is non-copyable and encrypted, which ensures product safety and quality, and ensures the stability and security of RFID tags in the identification process.
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