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Salt traceability implementation, real-time product control

by:Fullgo     2023-02-07
Confirm that the product traceability process can be effectively controlled and recalled according to the traceability, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers from the source. The implementation of salt traceability, traceability code application, traceability code export, traceability code approval, convenient display of product information and source search management. Through the traceability system, the standardized operation of raw material management, production management, packaging management, warehousing management, and market circulation is realized within the enterprise, so that each link node can be accurately controlled, and responsibility to link, responsibility to team, and responsibility to individuals. The function of the product quality traceability system, the products come into the market with a traceable one-product-one-code two-dimensional code, which is conducive to the identification of store dealers and consumers to scan the code for traceability. The key node information of product management is recorded. In the label, the overall management of the product is carried out. The whole process information can be traced and the product quality traceability system has been upgraded and upgraded, so as to realize the important purpose of recording the production process, inquiring about the information, tracking the whereabouts of the circulation, investigating the main responsibility, recalling the faulty products, and ensuring the quality, so as to ensure the quality of the salt. The traceability code gives the product identity identification, collects and tracks the data of the product in the production, circulation, sales, consumption and other links, and realizes the refined management and control of the product in the whole chain of raw materials entering the factory, production and processing, warehousing and logistics, terminal sales, and market consumption. The traceability system assigns an 'ID card' traceability code to a single product by means of a two-dimensional code, realizing 'one code for one item', and collects data in the production, warehousing, distribution, logistics and transportation, market inspection and consumers of products. track. To ensure the legitimate rights and interests of all parties, the products can be traced back to one product and one code, so as to achieve full-cycle management, supervise all links, share information, and quickly recall problematic products, thereby enhancing a good brand reputation. It enables the quality control, information records and consumer conditions at each stage to be traced and inquired, which can effectively improve product quality and avoid various problems in the process of product sales. The traceability system is used for salt, and the full-cycle traceability management is done. Scan the label on the product to view the information, and display the process information, so that consumers can form a cognitive traceability to help enterprises create product value. The entire process links such as raw material management, production management, and packaging management within the enterprise can be effectively traced and controlled in each link. Product traceability systems can help companies better manage supply chains and effectively integrate commodity consumption and production logistics.
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