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Scratch cards are used for product marketing and can be attributed to code activities

by:Fullgo     2022-12-22
Precisely push products through the function of issuing QR code scratch cards to give products a unique identity code, starting from the smallest unit of identity data, to provide basic data for subsequent logistics tracking and interactive marketing; QR code scratch cards, One item, one code can accurately count the data of each product and generate an enterprise-specific database. A QR code can also be printed on the scratch card to seamlessly connect to the WeChat public account, combining red envelopes, points, and coupons to maximize the operating income of the public account. Scratch cards are used for product marketing. Merchants can set the content. After consumers buy products, they can draw cards and receive corresponding small gifts or red envelopes, so as to have a good impression of the product and increase product sales and popularity. You can scan the code to participate in the activities. By making a QR code scratch card, you can get prizes, phone bills, red envelopes, physical objects, etc. in real time, increase the user's favorability to the brand, form a secondary communication effect, increase users' desire to buy repeatedly, and effectively increase The sales volume of the item. Anti-counterfeiting method: Anti-counterfeiting is a security measure for scratch cards as valuable securities, such as: fluorescent anti-counterfeiting, digital verification anti-counterfeiting, interlayer anti-counterfeiting, invisible anti-counterfeiting, pattern relief, intelligent unlocking and anti-counterfeiting, etc., generally based on the characteristics of the merchant's products Choose the appropriate anti-counterfeiting method. Scratch card is a kind of scratch card used by merchants for event promotion, also called lottery card; according to the different scratching methods, it can be divided into scratch card and open scratch card. The former mainly uses scratch silver. Cover the prize on the card, and the user only needs to scratch the silver to know whether he has won the prize; Brand-building private domain traffic products carry anti-counterfeiting marketing labels. Consumers can scan the code to identify the authenticity of the product, and at the same time, they can participate in product promotion activities, and use scratch cards to promote users and merchants to establish associations and trust the brand more. Through the QR code scratch card, consumers can scratch and scan the code after purchasing the product, which not only eliminates the lottery and fraud, but also realizes the multi-purpose use of one code, helping merchants to obtain customer big data, build a closed-loop private domain marketing, and carry out precision marketing. activities etc. A scratch card is a design of a scratch card that can be scratched or uncovered (also known as: scratch card, uncover card, tear card) given to consumers for free during product marketing activities. Generally divided into front, back, award level, etc., and also have anti-counterfeiting function.
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