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Shanghai anti-counterfeiting sign manufacturers reveal why enterprises should customize anti-counterfeiting signs? _Shanghai anti-counterfeiting-Shanghai Nuobiao Anti-counterfeiting Technology Development Co., Ltd.

by:Fullgo     2023-02-03
With the continuous enhancement of my country's economic strength, my country's GDP has also continued to increase. my country has its own breakthroughs in the economic field, science and technology fields and different places. The source of all this is due to the rapid development of the economy, people's current living standards are also constantly improving, and the consumption level is also rising. People pay more and more attention to brands. Most of the brand products are of good quality and consumers are willing to buy them. Therefore, many unscrupulous manufacturers use fake and shoddy products instead of branded products. The confusing products on the market make the market disorderly, and consumers cannot distinguish them. In this case, many companies have begun to protect their products from being faked and shoddy For custom anti-counterfeiting labels, most of them will go to Shanghai anti-counterfeiting manufacturers, so why do companies need to customize anti-counterfeiting labels? In this issue, Shanghai anti-counterfeiting label manufacturers will reveal the analysis of why companies should customize anti-counterfeiting labels. Next, the editor of Shanghai anti-counterfeiting logo manufacturer will share it with you. 1. Why do you want to make a two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label? Shanghai anti-counterfeiting label manufacturers say that it is a two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label. To realize the combination of trademark and anti-counterfeiting, it can not only save the production cost of anti-counterfeiting labels, but also realize one item, one code and two-dimensional code. marketing function. Help manufacturers to achieve quasi-marketing and other functions while enhancing product brand image. And the QR code can store a lot of detailed information about the product, which is very useful in the product sales process. The circulation of products in various places, markets and channels will encounter various troubles. Products are counterfeited, products are sold, product quality problems. These are common questions in the product sales process. The more this is the case, the lower the sales of the product, so the enterprise needs to further strengthen the management, so that the product can be sold in various places and the operation can be standardized, so that there is no chance. 2. Record the whole-process anti-counterfeiting traceability information of the product. This anti-counterfeiting technology is the product of the combination of the popular two-dimensional code and anti-counterfeiting technology at this stage. The industry is gradually recognized by enterprises, and consumers are also familiar with it. It is also related to the official account, and also plays an auxiliary role in publicity, increasing fans for the official account. Further sales are easy to do only when there are many people. It can combat counterfeit products and reduce the occurrence rate of counterfeit products. Anti-smuggling systems can be used to locate products and prevent dealers from running around. You can also use the source traceability system to record all the production links of the product, as well as the record of logistics information, to prevent cross-selling, quickly recall defective products, find the responsible person, and quickly deal with it. 3. The advantages of two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting labels in commodity sales The two-dimensional code image is combined with traditional anti-counterfeiting manufacturing technology (mainly printing) to prevent the code image from being directly photocopied and photographed, such as using invisible printing, etc.; Code coding skills, additional processing (such as encryption, compounding, etc.) is performed on the QR code image itself. The purpose of this method is to make the code image unrecognizable to other people's reading software, and the second is to write additional information in these code images. , for anti-counterfeiting verification. Then cooperate with the method mentioned in A to establish relevant links for verification. QR code anti-counterfeiting labels can play an infinite role in products. While maintaining the interests of enterprises, it also protects the rights and interests of consumers, allowing consumers to buy high-quality brand products that are guaranteed and after-sale. Therefore, choosing anti-counterfeiting labels can make the source of the products clearer and make everyone's use experience unified. Establish the company's image in the minds of customers and make the company's reputation better. In addition, the facilitation of the identification process makes the application of QR code anti-counterfeiting labels more extensive.
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