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by:Fullgo     2022-12-02
On June 5, the official website of the Ministry of Commerce announced that the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the General Administration of Customs, the State Administration for Market Regulation, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the State Drug Administration jointly issued the Opinions on Collaboratively Promoting the Construction of an Information Traceability System for Important Products such as Meat, Vegetables, Chinese Medicinal Materials, etc.' (Shangzhizi [2019] No. 5, hereinafter referred to as 'Opinions'). The 'Opinions' pointed out that the traditional Chinese medicine management department should combine the standardization work of traditional Chinese medicine, promote the production and operation of traditional Chinese medicinal materials to fulfill the main responsibility of traceability, and build a quality traceability system for traditional Chinese medicinal materials. The drug regulatory department, together with relevant departments, shall promote the establishment of a traceability system covering the whole process of production and distribution of pharmaceutical production and operation enterprises. The commerce department plays a leading role in the construction of the national important product traceability system, and works with the departments of industry and informatization, agriculture and rural areas, customs, market supervision, traditional Chinese medicine, and drug administration to improve the work coordination promotion mechanism, implement dynamic catalog management for the traceability of important products, and establish statistical Monitoring and annual reporting systems, etc. According to the work guidance of the 'Opinions', the commerce department takes the lead in exploring and promoting comprehensive legislation on the traceability of important products, and all relevant departments continue to promote the incorporation of the requirements for the establishment of an information-based traceability system for production and operation enterprises into special legislation in various fields, and support regions with legislative power to carry out traceability. legislative work. The standardization work management department and the commerce department shall establish and improve the important product traceability standard system together with the relevant departments, clarify the interrelationship between national standards, industry standards, local standards, group standards, etc., and reasonably determine the requirements for the formulation and revision of general standards and specific standards in various categories and fields. , orderly promote the standard formulation and revision work, etc. In recent years, there have been frequent quality problems in Chinese herbal medicines and Chinese herbal decoction pieces as raw materials of Chinese medicine products, which have attracted the attention of the industry. According to data released by the State Food and Drug Administration, in 2017, a total of 157 GMP certificates for medicines were withdrawn from 31 provinces and cities across the country, and Chinese herbal decoction pieces and tablets became the hardest hit areas. Among them, 13 enterprises whose GMP certificates were withdrawn in Jilin Province were all unqualified for tablets; 9 enterprises whose GMP certificates were withdrawn in Anhui Province were all unqualified due to the inspection of Chinese herbal pieces. At the same time, most of the enterprises whose certificates were confiscated had problems such as chaotic production management, falsified production inspection records, and out-of-scope production of drugs. In an interview with a reporter from Beijing Business Daily, Deng Yong, associate professor of the Law Department of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that with the continuous strengthening of the management of Chinese herbal medicines in my country, a Chinese herbal medicine industry has been formed with the cultivation and breeding of Chinese herbal medicines, the primary processing of the origin and the professional market as the main links. Showing a good development trend. However, affected by a variety of factors, there are still some outstanding problems in the field of Chinese herbal medicine management, mainly manifested in the inadequate implementation of standardized planting and breeding, and the unscientific use of pesticides and fertilizers, resulting in residual harmful substances; Doping makes fake phenomena happen from time to time; the professional market of traditional Chinese medicinal materials is shoddy and fake. In Deng Yong's view, the introduction of the 'Opinions' is to use information technology to force the source of medicinal materials to be managed, so that the source can be traced, the whereabouts can be traced, and the responsibility can be held. In addition, the promulgation of the 'Opinions' will further enhance the quality and safety of Chinese herbal medicines, enhance the level of food safety and consumer safety, safeguard public health, and promote the healthy development of the Chinese herbal medicine industry and the cause of Chinese medicine. (Source: China Economic Net)
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