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by:Fullgo     2023-02-03
One item, one code anti-smuggling management system is of great significance to rectify the channel market, prevent the occurrence of counterfeit and shoddy and vicious smuggling, ensure the legitimate rights and interests of regular channel dealers, and strengthen product brand management. So the question is: 1. How is the anti-smuggling system implemented? 2. How does it work? 3. Through what carrier? 4. What is the overall business process? 1. How to realize the anti-smuggling system of one item and one code? The two-dimensional code anti-smuggling management system is through the use of production line equipment, coding equipment, online collectors, barcode printers, etc., through the collection of small packaging, large packaging logistics code one-to-one correspondence, to achieve product unique identity information, one time Carry out digital anti-counterfeiting. 2. How does the one-item-one-code anti-smuggling system work? Step 1: Establish an anti-channeling management system, and use barcode and QR code labels to manage product data. , Step 2: Each product is given an identity number, a one-to-one data association is established, and data management is carried out by partition. Step 3: Through the management of associated sets of each product, box and pallet label. Step 4: Carry out manual or machine labeling, online coding and distribute products according to the data definition. Step 5: Accurate collection of automatic data collection of product out-of-warehousing and warehousing, to ensure that the enterprise can grasp the product flow direction in a timely manner and monitor the whole process of data, and track and trace the product. Step 6: The anti-smuggling system provides dealer inquiry, inspection inquiry, consumer inquiry, and quickly obtains product distribution area and cross-selling information. Once the dealer sells the goods, when the consumer scans the code to check the anti-counterfeiting, the powerful intelligent early warning function of the system will automatically issue an early warning. 3. What carrier is used to express the one-object-one-code anti-smuggling system? Answer: There are generally three ways to use the label form: 1. Manual labeling Manual labeling: carry out the pre-information definition management of product, packaging, and pallet data, and the multi-layer packaging data association. The operation steps are simple, convenient and reliable. 2. Machine labeling machine labeling machine: automatic printing association, improve efficiency, no fear of delivery peak, reduce logistics management items, simplify packaging operation process, reduce cost input, simplify process, reduce cost, and more flexible application. 3. Define the coding method after online coding (box code and box are automatically associated and then define data association) efficient - human-computer interaction scientific operation guidance, simple training to get started, reducing personnel training and management costs Accurate technology, accurate and error-free 4. What is the business process of the one-item-one-code anti-smuggling system? 1. Through the horse association function of the platform, establish a binding relationship between the single product QR code and the QR code; 2. When the product scans the QR code of the large box from the factory, the product automatically establishes a binding relationship with the agent product information. The QR code on the corresponding small box will also be automatically bound to the agent; 3. After the product is scanned from the agent/distributor link, the product will also establish a binding relationship with the store information; 4. Market monitoring personnel Directly scan the goods on the shelf (or large boxes in the warehouse) with your mobile phone, and enter the logistics code on the label to check whether the goods are smuggled; if the goods are smuggled, the system can automatically record and produce statistical reports. Articles and pictures are from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete.
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