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Shelf life labeling of skin care products to maintain market competitiveness

by:Fullgo     2022-10-22
The anti-counterfeiting shelf-life logo can be customized according to the requirements, so that the authenticity of the product can be checked, and at the same time, it is convenient to check the shelf-life of the product, prevent counterfeiting, protect the brand, safeguard the interests of the enterprise, purify the sales market, and ensure the quality of the product. The use of labels can improve the aesthetics of products, personalized anti-counterfeiting labels can achieve effective anti-counterfeiting of goods, small anti-counterfeiting labels can achieve anti-counterfeiting effects, and encrypted technology can also prevent logo forgery. The principle of the shelf life management system: the core business scenario - store sales to achieve FIFO and expiry reminders, allowing sales, configuring FIFO rules in the background, scanning the unique code of the product by the shopping guide, prompting that there are earlier batches/shelf life inventory, completing sales, The background is configured with temporary reminder rules, and the system automatically pops up to remind the SKU and inventory of temporary products. The production process of anti-counterfeiting products and anti-counterfeiting labels that rely on printing technology is different, and both can achieve anti-counterfeiting results. The management of skin care products from production to terminal stores prevents smuggling and counterfeiting, and can also record product shelf life information. The label of the shelf life of skin care products, the anti-counterfeiting technology can protect the product from being counterfeited, and can also manage the sales and circulation process, record the production date of the product, and display the shelf life of the product. Supervision and management. Identification steps of the anti-counterfeiting shelf life label: one look: there are randomly distributed multi-color or single-color particles on the surface of the label when viewed with the naked eye. Second touch: When you touch the surface of the label, there is a sudden feeling, random metal particle dots, non-printed ink marks, which can be picked out. Three scans: Scan the QR code with the mobile phone, and compare the physical label with the mobile phone picture to check the authenticity. Protecting brands, reducing fakes and raising the threshold for counterfeiting can avoid the occurrence of counterfeiting! Improve the quality of goods: product security codes can protect consumer confidence and make consumers more willing to buy. Through the system to generate the anti-counterfeiting label of the shelf life, consumers can scan the code to check the product information, and at the same time, they can also identify the authenticity and see the shelf life of the product. The production line system is generally divided into: manual line, semi-automatic line and fully automatic line according to the degree of automation. The whole coding system consists of factory server and sub-controller. Logo description: Use the logistics anti-counterfeiting logo for the single product logo, use the sleeve label mode for the box support, and print the quality assurance information on site.
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