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Shelf life solution, manage the whole link

by:Fullgo     2022-11-12
Efficient management Through product coding, the entire chain of anti-counterfeiting, supplier, warehousing, channel, store, and consumer management is opened up. The shelf life solution, the system generates a label and pastes it on the product, and truthfully records the product name, special registration certificate number, general record number, use period, net content, purchase quantity, supplier name, address, contact information, purchase date, etc. content. Through the management of inbound business, outbound business, allocation business, assembly and disassembly, inventory adjustment, etc., combined with batch shelf life, inventory count and real-time inventory balance management, the logistics and cost of warehousing business can be tracked and controlled to reduce costs. The backlog of inventory is in short supply, reducing the cost of inventory. It can prevent counterfeiting and actively promote the construction of product informatization traceability, gradually realize the traceability management of all product varieties and the whole process, and improve the level of intelligent product supervision. Warehousing details, sales details, inventory and profit, inventory summary, in and out query, inventory query, profit statistics, objects to be processed, and inventory summary of objects to be processed. Shelf life management system In order to ensure product quality and avoid using products beyond the shelf life, all links affecting the shelf life of homemade and purchased food products are controlled. One of the most important indicators of a product is the shelf life. The management of the shelf life is from warehousing to inventory, to adjustment, to delivery, and the longer the shelf life of products in inventory, the greater the cost pressure on the enterprise. Through the shelf life management system, manage the shelf life of products. Record product shelf life information Shelf life management and batch number control management cooperate with each other to instantly view expired and about to expire inventory data, thereby optimizing inventory management and avoiding cost waste caused by inventory expiration. Product shelf life management is another major feature of the production and processing industry. Product turnover is high and shelf life is short. Tabular management meets the needs of quick query and flexible delivery; batch and shelf life management is supported, and storage is automatically recorded. The shelf life management system can manage the sales and circulation process, record the production date of the product, and display the shelf life of the product. Due to the particularity of the product, it is not only necessary to track and trace the inbound and outbound warehouses by batches, to carry out early warning of the shelf life, and to accurately obtain the inventory of each store and warehouse in real time. Shelf life management, early warning, shelf life expiration reminder, expired query, to avoid expired losses. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extended reading digital management of cosmetic shelf life, function introduction of laser anti-counterfeiting label, effective product anti-counterfeiting method
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