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Talking about the significance and methods of smuggling management

by:Fullgo     2022-12-18
On the road of life, everyone will face a variety of choices. Some people may go to work in some enterprises and institutions after graduating from college, and some people may develop their own businesses. I believe that many people have heard of the problem of smuggling goods, which is very unfavorable to the healthy development of the market. Therefore, the phenomenon of smuggling goods management needs everyone's attention and attention. Selling goods or increasing prices has become a common social phenomenon in the market conflict of product sales channels. Many product distributors in the jurisdictions stipulate that in order to quickly and smoothly obtain abnormal product sales channel profits, they will sell products at prices far below the market price. Manufacturers selling products in jurisdictions where the price is lower than the specified price will increase the price. This kind of channel marketing management behavior has inevitable and serious harm to social and economic benefits: it will not only greatly reduce the operation rate and management efficiency of the internal channel product marketing department and the product management organization of the entire channel, but also lead to the entire internal channel of many large enterprises. The disorder of the marketing product price system, if there is no good way to manage the sale of goods, may even directly destroy the internal channel product sales management network of many large enterprises. The evaluation of channel rational operation planning is an effective way for enterprises to improve the phenomenon of product smuggling management reaching the standard in the management of products. Strategy and product channel management plan, comprehensive evaluation of operating cost, controllability and environmental adaptability of various channel strategy structures and plan factors. In addition, in the sales promotion contract signed with the dealer at the end of the year, it is necessary to clarify whether to add the relevant content of 'prohibition of cross-regional sales', and limit the year-end sales and service activities for the dealer to the operating area of ​​the sales promotion market. ; In the promotion contract, it is also necessary to specify my country's differential promotion price system to limit the market sales price; at the same time, the year-end rebate paid to the dealer at the end of the year should be related to whether the manufacturer has a second sale at the end of the year, so that it will not only become a A promotional incentive, but also a warning tool.
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