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Talking something about the colors of security void sticker.

Talking something about the colors of security void sticker.



A lot of customers ask us why we can't choose the colors with our expectations about the security void stickers.

First, we should know that before we manufacture we will make a mold. And when we manufacture, we must finish the whole mold.

Second, if your quantity is less than the whole mold, then after we sell the part you need, we have to store the rest of it.

Third, if it is lucky enough, there is a customer who needs the same thing as you, then we can sell the rest of it. But if there is no this person, the rest will be wasted.

During our long time experiences, silver color is the most popular color in the market. So now we only store this color in our warehouse. This is why we say, no matter how many you need, silver is always ok. But if you need other colors, then there will be a big MOQ. This is the reason why we suggest you to use silver color in small quantity.

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