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Tamper-evident labels and anti-counterfeiting labels to prevent counterfeiting

by:Fullgo     2022-12-11
Anti-counterfeiting labels are used to prevent items from being maliciously opened by others, and anti-counterfeiting labels are used to help customers identify the authenticity of products. They are all used to protect the rights and interests of customers. The tamper-evident label can add anti-counterfeiting technology with anti-counterfeiting function, and realize product protection and tamper-proof at the same time. Use tamper-evident labels and anti-counterfeiting labels to solve all kinds of counterfeiting problems. Advantages of tamper-resistant labels: waterproof, temperature-resistant, tensile-resistant, easy to peel, prevent repeated use, do not pollute the environment, environmental protection, and cost-effective. The anti-counterfeiting and tamper-proof label adopts double-layer composite printing, the surface layer and the bottom layer are personalized printing, the surface layer is lifted, and the bottom layer is left on the object to be attached, which is obviously damaged and cannot be restored, and is anti-transfer and anti-reuse. Anti-dismantling, anti-replacement, anti-adjustment, anti-counterfeiting, reducing counterfeit goods, and improving product reputation; anti-dismantling labels can be used on various products, which can achieve anti-dismantling and anti-counterfeiting purposes, help enterprises maintain their own image, and satisfy customers easily query products Authentic needs. The tamper-evident label can prevent the product from being torn open and packaged during transportation and sales, because the label can only be used once, once it is disassembled, there will be traces. If it is found, the label has the words, it can be seen that the product has been dismantled. , so counterfeiting can be prevented by using tamper-evident tags. Anti-counterfeiting labels Customize anti-counterfeiting labels for products, and paste a logo on each product, which is convenient for customers to identify the authenticity of products and purify the sales market. Commodity anti-counterfeiting (eliminating counterfeit products), preventing items from being opened, stolen, exchanging and destroying products, enhancing brand product image, increasing product credibility, and allowing consumers to buy with confidence. Products with anti-counterfeiting logos reflect the authenticity of the brand and improve product grade and brand image; product anti-counterfeiting label solutions, customized anti-counterfeiting logos to protect brands, and non-copyable labels are very reliable. Make anti-counterfeiting labels to help consumers quickly identify the authenticity of products, and attract more consumers to repurchase by scanning the code to receive red envelopes and redeem points for rewards. Spend. An overview of the principle of anti-counterfeiting labels: By pasting self-adhesive labels with a certain complex process on the goods, which cannot be easily counterfeited by counterfeiters, the consumers of the goods can identify the authenticity through the senses (usually seeing, touching, etc.); Certain identification devices (mobile phone scanning QR code fluorescent money detector lamp) can be used to identify the authenticity of the product label, thereby avoiding the infringement of counterfeit products.
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