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Tamper-evident labels, different from genuine and fake products

by:Fullgo     2023-02-13
Brand customers recognize that the anti-adjustment package label can prevent the item from being disassembled before it reaches the consumer, and better protect the rights and interests of customers. The anti-counterfeiting label can increase the selling point of the product, effectively attract public attention, and enhance brand awareness. Use tamper-evident labels for products, luxury goods, and documents to prevent items from being stolen, exchanged, and counterfeited, and protect the entire cycle of brand products. After purchasing the product, consumers can scan the code to identify the authenticity of the product, enhance brand awareness, and prevent the product from being stolen. forgery. The tamper-evident label can prevent the product from being torn apart during transportation and sales, and the item can be repackaged. The label can only be used once. Once it is disassembled, there will be traces. If it is found, the label has the words, it can be seen that the product has been dismantled. , so counterfeiting can be prevented by using tamper-evident tags. Helping brand owners to promote product anti-counterfeiting labels is an impactful sign of imitation goods transfer, which can effectively improve the anti-counterfeiting labels of product packaging grades, which can highlight product quality and prevent others from counterfeiting. The production of tamper-evident labels is to reduce counterfeit and shoddy behavior, distinguish the authenticity of products, resist counterfeit products, paste an anti-counterfeiting code on each product, verify authenticity, reduce counterfeit products, improve the level and image of brand products, and improve customer satisfaction. product trust. Product anti-counterfeiting label is a technique used by the company to prevent the rights and interests of its own well-known brands from being damaged, to present the product is reliable, and to prevent theft. Anti-counterfeiting labels are highly intuitive and recognizable, and merchants can customize them according to the needs of products, and use tamper-proof anti-counterfeiting labels to prevent the labels from being uncovered by others. It can reduce fake and shoddy brands, use labels for products, and make anti-counterfeiting and anti-demolition labels. It is easy to check the authenticity of goods, and prevent valuables, express delivery, and documents from being disassembled and repackaged in the middle, so that the rights and interests of enterprises and users have been maintained. Anti-counterfeiting labels can be pasted, printed and transferred to product packaging with anti-counterfeiting functions. The advantages of the anti-adjustment bag label: waterproof, temperature-resistant, tensile-resistant, easy to peel, prevent repeated sticking and use, do not pollute the environment, environmental protection, cost-effective. The tamper-evident anti-counterfeiting label is directly printed on the tamper-evident material with a layer of full-page color or graphic information with ordinary ink, which is mainly used in product packaging. Anti-dismantling labels Anti-tear stickers can prevent man-made damage in the middle, prevent the product from being disassembled by others, and ensure that the product can be delivered to consumers in good condition.
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