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Fullgo Security Envelopes with Barcode & Number Individual ID

Fullgo Security Envelopes with Barcode & Number Individual ID
Design format
VOID tamper evident
Place of origin
Shenzhen, China
Payment terms
T/T, West Union, Paypal

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Product function

Totally, there are 4 tamper evident functions for tamper evident bag, which can provide visible indications of tampering---tamper evident adhesive(VOID revealing), prevent hot-wind tampering, prevent solvent tampering, freezing resistance. However, it dosen't mean that we must make all of them when manufacture. We can make level 1 to level 4 products, all of this 4 functions can be matched flexibly. So you can tell us your request, then we will offer the corresponding suggestion as the practical usage environment.


Product Details

Tamper evident bag is used to protect personal or company's assets, such as cash/coin, documents/papers, inviolable items, etc... which can be set as anti theft, anti tampering. This kind of bag, once the opening mouth be torn off or opened, the pre-set messages or graphics will be shown up, such as 'VOID/VOID OPEN', which means the bag has been opened before by someone else. VOID / VOID OPEN are our standard texts, also we can customize the messages left after peeling off as per client's request, like company logo or other information.


Product Information

Price terms: EXW, FOB, CNF, CIFBrand: FullgoDesign format: AI
Package: CartonPlace of origin: Shenzhen, ChinaPayment terms: T/T, West Union, Paypal
Material: PE/LDPE/HDPE/MDPEFunction: VOID tamper evident

Tamper Evident Bag---SERIAL NUMBER & BARCODE

1. We can print serial number and barcode on body of bags, then each of the bags has its own individual ID. This can help us do the management of all bags, also provide a convenience to track each of them.

2. Tamper Evident Bag is made of PE/LDPE/MDPE/HDPE, and the thickness is from 50-200 microns.
3. After we put things into the bag and seal it, there isn't any difference from normal bags. But once we tear it off, the hidden tamper evident words 'VOID' or 'VOID OPEN' will appear. It is totally transferred to the surface of opening mouth and can't be fixed to return back. It means that the bag has been opened.
4. The hidden message can be customized, we can put any words or graphics in it.
5. Mainly there are four ways of tampering---physical tampering, cold tampering, water/solvent tampering and heat tampering, which can insure this product be used practially and appropriately depended on different circumstances.
6. Size and design picture of bag can be customized.
7. Production process: blown film---gravure printing---conversion---die cut---hidden message printing---combination---QC---packing.
8. If you need standard sample, it is free, only you pay the shipment is ok. And if you want customized sample, it will take some cost depended on what the exactly product it is.
9. Application: banks, air port, retail chain stores, government, casino, ministry, university examinations, elections, forensic and law enforcement, armored car companies and so on.

Face material
GlueAcrylic pressure adhesive
Hidden textVOID / VOID OPEN / customized
TypeOne time use
SolutionTamper Evident
Serial numberYes


Project Show

Tamper evident bag is in the purpose of avoiding any attempt of opening, removing and resealing, applicable for anti-theft and anti-tampering. Once opened, the layer of opening mouth part will be separated, structure breach will appear on the bag, also the hidden tamper evident words will be revealed and can't be fixed back. For any further information, you can visit our VIDEO page of Tamper Evident Bag. There are very detailed introductions for it.

Product Structure

Tear-off receipt
keep a record of each bag and it's unique number

Tamper-proof identification 
sequential unique number, repeated under the glued security tape, to prevent security bag replacement.

Strong seams

double shrink-welded seams with micro security-print to protect against opening and resealing

Tear-resistant foil

strong LDPE foil for physical protection


visually check contents any time

Easy to open

open the security bag with scissors by cutting along the dotted line

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