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Tea QR code traceability system, product information traceability

by:Fullgo     2022-10-10
A full understanding of the product can understand the enterprise information, quality inspection information, and other product information of the enterprise. From raw material acquisition to sales, traceability management of each link, real-time control of each process, to ensure product quality. Respond to quality problems in a timely manner, track product history, and improve product quality. For the tea QR code traceability system, it is the basic requirement to trace the product, and the detailed process and details of each link of the product. The QR code traceability system can be scanned to complete storage and inventory management. The traceability system has been connected to multiple functions such as mini programs and public accounts. Most of the anti-counterfeiting traceability functions can be easily queried and operated through mobile phones. Obtain product source information QR code traceability system, assign a code to tea (one code for one item), build a good brand, traceability through code scanning, build a good reputation of the brand, allow users to choose first, and increase sales. Tracking and tracing products, from production to circulation, the whole process of traceability information, through this quality traceability management system, can realize the functions of assigning information, monitoring and management to one object, one code and two-dimensional code traceability code. Make the QR code traceable to 'code all things'. Through the establishment of a product QR code quality traceability system, the enterprise realizes the precise management of the production and processing process of product raw materials, supervises and supervises, and guarantees the quality of the product from the source to the process. The information source of the completed product can be traced, the flow can be traced, and the responsibilities can be traced. The material procurement, processing links, process, quality inspection, packaging, delivery, and sales of the products can be recorded and queried. Can resist counterfeit and shoddy products. Through the strict control and management of the two-dimensional code traceability system, every product that leaves the factory can be scanned and traced the code to track the production information and raw material information throughout the process. Provide invoicing and product after-sales service management systems for products. A system with the above functions is a two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting traceability system. The establishment of a product traceability system can improve the transparency of all aspects of production, enhance corporate branding, and increase consumer confidence. To make consumers more assured of the company's products, traceability starts from the origin of the product QR code traceability, and traces the tea production situation. Consumers: Scan the QR code of tea to inquire about the detailed information of the circulation link, including: source, circulation channel, handler and test report, etc.
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