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Tea traceability system to supervise counterfeiting

by:Fullgo     2022-12-16
Realize information sharing. From the source of raw materials to production and processing, and then to terminal sales, data is collected and recorded in each link, forming a traceability file of the product production chain, which is associated with a unique QR code. Consumers scan the QR code. The traceability file corresponding to the traceable tea can be retrieved by using the code. Associate the traceability QR code with a certain production batch number, and the scan code query page displays the corresponding batch information through the associated information. Tea traceability system, information upload and other aspects are managed and controlled, so as to achieve real-time information update, rapid identification of QR code, etc., effectively collect traceability data, and quickly check the legitimacy of the record through QR code terminal equipment, for the safe production of products , transportation and sales escort. In order to ensure the reliability of goods, it can monitor the raw materials, production, warehousing and logistics information of products, so that anti-counterfeiting and traceability functions coexist, information storage, process control, and information encryption. Two-dimensional code traceability gives products a unique two-dimensional code, which can record all the information in the production process of goods, form a data chain, and trace all relevant information from the terminal to the starting end. The traceability system is an integrated application of technologies such as the Internet of Things, mobile Internet, and one code for one thing. In the process of product production, product data information can be collected at important links and a product traceability file can be formed. It allows enterprises to change from the original closed production to transparent information that can be seen and understood by consumers throughout the process. At the same time, enterprises can also trace back to the specific production process according to the anti-counterfeiting traceability system, and can quickly carry out the same batch of products. deal with. The management traceability system for the whole product cycle can make the only traceability file for each piece of tea, increase consumers' trust in the product, and at the same time, it is also a tool for enterprises to comprehensively display and market high-quality products. Form the information monitoring of products from raw materials, production and processing, quality inspection, logistics and transportation. The QR code traceability system can trace products, batches, sources to specific raw materials, and the traceability level is flexible and diverse. The product traceability system can help enterprises to standardize management, improve company efficiency, build brand image, and more importantly, enhance consumer trust. In the whole process from raw material acquisition to sales, consumers scan the QR code on their mobile phones for product traceability inquiry, providing consumers with transparent product information. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extended reading The significance of using the anti-counterfeiting traceability system, the whole-process quality traceability QR code product traceability system helps enterprises to comprehensively improve product quality
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