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Tear-proof label, easy to verify authenticity

by:Fullgo     2023-02-12
Preventing users from buying counterfeit products Anti-labeling is an anti-counterfeiting preventive measure to effectively prevent intentional transfer, counterfeiting, and copying and duplication activities without the permission of the business owner. The advantages of anti-tear labels are that they do not warp the label, the label is not easy to break, the coating is wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, and the printing is clear and beautiful; commodity anti-counterfeiting prevents counterfeit products, prevents items from being opened, steals, exchanges and destroys products, enhances product brand image, and enhances products. attractive. Anti-tear labels can be printed on products in various industries. The main purpose is to prevent products from being disassembled and stolen, to protect the entire process of product circulation and sales, to safeguard the interests of all parties, to prevent corporate products from being counterfeited, and to help consumers buy brands. product. The production of anti-counterfeiting and anti-tear labels reduces counterfeiting and shoddy behavior, distinguishes the authenticity of products, resists counterfeit products, sticks anti-counterfeiting codes on each product, authenticity verification, reduces counterfeit products, improves the level and image of branded products, and improves customers' awareness of products. rely. To enhance consumers' desire to buy products, anti-counterfeiting and anti-tear labels can be used to prevent item exchange, prevent counterfeiting, protect the whole cycle of the brand, and help merchants to easily solve the problem of counterfeiting. The anti-tear and anti-counterfeiting labels on the products ensure the company's popularity and represent the brand's product identity; making anti-counterfeiting labels can improve the quality of the products and increase the customer's dependence on the brand. Anti-counterfeiting labels are difficult to forge, cannot be copied, simple to distinguish authenticity, strong data encryption, content cannot be tampered with, complete brand anti-counterfeiting protection, and allow counterfeit and shoddy products to take the initiative to withdraw from the market. The anti-counterfeiting label is more intuitive and recognizable, and merchants can choose according to the needs of the product. Uncovering the bottom-retaining anti-counterfeiting label is also called the anti-uncovering anti-counterfeiting label. As the name suggests, it prevents the label from being uncovered. The upper grade can also be used for brand promotion. Anti-counterfeiting labels can solve the problem of counterfeiting for enterprises, customize anti-counterfeiting labels, help enterprises to effectively improve the brand grade of products, and effectively help enterprises to carry out brand promotion and publicity. The tear-proof label adopts double-layer composite printing, the surface layer and the bottom layer are personalized printing, the surface layer is lifted, and the bottom layer is left on the object to be attached. A disposable labeling device for product packaging labels is provided. The labeling device is waterproof, oil-proof and alcohol-proof, not easy to be damaged or torn, and has high reliability and improves the trust of customers. Apply commodity anti-counterfeiting labels to improve visibility, solve counterfeit and shoddy problems, and increase the company's commodity market share. Use anti-counterfeiting labels for products to distinguish genuine and fake products, attack counterfeiters, and reduce counterfeit goods.
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