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The advantages of the traceability system? Chasing the finished product from front to back

by:Fullgo     2022-12-18
The construction of the supervision and management traceability system is an effective measure to collect and record the information of product production, circulation, consumption and other links, realize the source can be traced, whereabouts can be traced, responsibilities can be investigated, and strengthen the quality and safety management and risk control of the whole process. Bind the anti-counterfeiting traceability code to the product, and enter the information through the collection server center; next, the anti-counterfeiting traceability code will accompany the product, through the whole process of production, storage, transportation, and sales, and finally to consumers hands. The tracking system can monitor the control points of each link of the production line in real time to ensure product quality from the source. Implementing control of product inventory and dynamically displaying early warning information is conducive to rapid decision-making by enterprises. This technology meets the requirements of various enterprises and consumers for product anti-counterfeiting traceability. Quality can be traced back to quality and safety for auxiliary management, helping consumers to see the transparent manufacturing process. The one-item-one-code system can improve brand image and promote corporate culture. The advantages of the traceability system? Answer: Quality control can be achieved through the establishment of a full-process traceability system. Each production data, raw material data, and process data can be collected and recorded in real time on the one-item-one-code platform, which is convenient for query, traceability, and recall. The traceability of products mainly refers to the monitoring of the upstream and downstream of the production enterprise. The upstream refers to the product from the factory to the hands of consumers. During the whole process, consumers can know the production date, factory time, formula ingredients, etc. of the product; downstream refers to Suppliers of products, such as raw material batches, ingredient reports, traceability of the entire process. Increased transparency of product traceability The traceability system mainly refers to the fact that in the process of product circulation, the entire process information is recorded, and the source can be found from a certain link, so that the entire process can be monitored and controlled. The traceable two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting system can achieve the coexistence of anti-counterfeiting and traceability functions. Information storage, process control, information encryption, and verification and reading of information are all accomplished through the two-dimensional code. The product uses the traceability system, the data information of each link can be input, the whole process can be traced, and the product value can be reflected. It can guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of the factory, crack down on piracy and shoddy acts, and can make the products produced to meet customer satisfaction. Make enterprises face consumers directly, and have zero-distance contact with consumers, so that consumers can positively recognize the brand of enterprises and increase the added value of products. Product information can be traced, so as to create a product traceable industry chain from raw material acquisition to terminal stores to ensure product quality and safety.
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