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The agricultural product quality traceability platform makes production management more convenient

by:Fullgo     2022-11-09
Provide transparent information to realize the whole-process quality supervision and mobile big data analysis of production records, traceable sources, traceable flows, information can be stored, identity can be queried, responsibilities can be identified, and faulty products can be recalled, and it is a good assistant for quality supervision. In agricultural production, the system stores data on crops in various links such as crop planting management, collection and inspection, transportation, and market sales. Users can query the data information of agricultural products sold by scanning the QR code. Realize the traceability management of planting link information, realize the acquisition, management and analysis and processing of all test point information, and automate control and management of agricultural operations. Improve consumers' trust in agricultural products, and let customers clearly understand the entire production process before agricultural products enter the market. Provide data-based product services, one object, one code technology, build a professional agricultural product traceability system, trace all links in the whole life cycle, record the information of agricultural products from production, processing, transportation, sales and other links to effectively ensure the quality of agricultural products. The agricultural product quality traceability platform obtains a series of traceability information such as product name, production date, manufacturer and record, which ensures the transparency and visualization of commodity information, and enhances consumers' trust in corporate brands. The agricultural product quality traceability platform can quickly and effectively query production locations and processing links; it can also track products (including: food, processing, etc.) into various stages of the market (the whole process from production to circulation), which is helpful for quality management. The whole life cycle information can be traced based on the whole process traceability of the production value chain of the enterprise, and the rich and detailed traceability files of agricultural products can be viewed. At the same time, users can view the information of other agricultural products of the enterprise on the traceability platform. By optimizing the supply chain coordination capabilities of core enterprises such as agricultural product brands, service providers, and retailers, we can achieve refined management of supply and marketing, and promote the development of the industry in a more transparent and stable direction. Accurately grasp the real-time information of each product from raw material supply, production links to warehousing, establish a solid and effective product quality tracking and traceability system, and form an end-to-end full-process control. A traceability system is a quality assurance that records and stores various relevant information about a product throughout its growth and supply. Establishing a traceability system for agricultural products will help companies recall problematic products, quality control, fundamentally guarantee the quality of agricultural products, and build a full-process traceability platform.
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