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The anti-adjustment bag label can be used for various products and is used for product anti-theft

by:Fullgo     2023-02-09
Preventing other people from making fake anti-transfer bags can prevent them from being counterfeited, protect the entire process of the brand, and can circulate normally in various channels to prevent counterfeiting. Important documents, valuables, jewelry and other products can use anti-transfer labels. Reduce counterfeit products, quickly identify true and false products, safeguard the interests of enterprises, and make labels play a greater value. Anti-counterfeiting labels have the characteristics of large amount of information, easy identification and low cost; through inquiry, consumers can identify the authenticity of products. The anti-adjustment package label can be used for various products, preventing the package from being stolen and replaced, protecting the product circulation and sales process, and helping customers to verify the authenticity of the product. The label that can only be used once prevents counterfeiting and being used multiple times, so that counterfeiters cannot counterfeit, Prevent items from being transferred, prevent labels from being imitated, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises, store merchants, and consumers. Labels cannot be repeatedly pasted. Anti-adjustment package labels are mostly used for logistics labels, anti-theft sealing labels, and seals; layers are mostly used for code anti-counterfeiting labels, and labels produced on this base are used. It reflects that the label can only be used once, preventing it from being used on counterfeit goods, which facilitates consumers to check the authenticity of products, realizes regional management, authenticity identification, and counterfeit reporting functions, which facilitates consumers to identify authenticity and protects production. The company's brand image. Anti-adjustment package labels can be printed on products in various industries. The main purpose is to prevent products from being disassembled and stolen, to protect the entire process of product circulation and sales, to safeguard the interests of all parties, to prevent corporate products from being counterfeited, and to help consumers buy authentic brand products. . Once the label is uncovered, it cannot be reused, preventing it from being used by unscrupulous people to counterfeit goods; once it is uncovered, it cannot be restored, preventing the product packaging seal from being damaged. The anti-counterfeiting and anti-adjustment bag label adopts double-layer composite printing, the surface layer and the bottom layer are personalized printing, the surface layer is lifted, and the bottom layer is left on the object to be attached. It has the functions of anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting to prevent products from being repackaged, prevent counterfeiting, and determine whether the product has been disassembled, so that consumers can buy genuine brand products and prevent business interests from being damaged. When the label is torn off from the surface of the substrate, the pre-set text or pattern of the substrate is separated from the substrate and remains completely on the surface of the substrate, and the torn substrate and font cannot be recovered. The anti-counterfeiting package anti-counterfeiting label mainly realizes anti-counterfeiting, protects brand products, resists counterfeit and shoddy products, prevents damage to the interests of enterprises, maintains product image, is recognized by many consumers, establishes corporate brand image, reduces losses of enterprises and customers, and improves customer satisfaction. To prevent the phenomenon of counterfeiting and counterfeiting, it better protects the interests of consumers and maintains the image of the corporate brand. The anti-counterfeiting code logo shows the characteristics of each product. The coding data technology on the logo will be attached to the label and printed. On the product, the information can only be queried once to ensure the reliability of the product information.
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