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The anti-counterfeiting label is one item and one code, which can ensure the uniqueness of the label

by:Fullgo     2023-03-01
Obtain the authenticity information of the product and attach the exclusive anti-counterfeiting code to the product, realize the anti-counterfeiting protection management of the whole process of the brand, paste the anti-counterfeiting logo on the product, help consumers to quickly check the authenticity of the product, help brand owners reduce counterfeit products, and prevent counterfeit products Be present in the market and enhance your brand image and reputation. The anti-counterfeiting code integrates a variety of anti-counterfeiting technologies to ensure that it cannot be imitated and counterfeited. The standard application of anti-counterfeiting codes; the customization of anti-counterfeiting two-dimensional codes and anti-counterfeiting codes give data information to each product, which can help customers easily identify the authenticity of products. Protect the rights and interests of merchants, reduce the cost of anti-counterfeiting, protect brand products, and prevent goods from being counterfeited. Quickly solve the problem of counterfeiting The one-object-one-code anti-counterfeiting technology is used to fight counterfeit products, record all product information, and each product has an anti-counterfeiting ID card, which becomes an important guarantee for product quality and realizes product anti-counterfeiting. Brand product anti-counterfeiting, protecting brand image and avoiding loss of profits; combining anti-counterfeiting signs and anti-counterfeiting skills, anti-counterfeiting data as the carrier, which cannot be reused; combining multiple anti-counterfeiting skills and adding anti-counterfeiting thresholds to ensure that customers can easily identify and distinguish between genuine and fake products, Safeguard the interests of enterprises and protect the rights and interests of consumers. Make sure that the anti-counterfeiting signs of each product correspond to the ID code. Each anti-counterfeiting label can only be used once and cannot be reused. Avoid using it on counterfeit goods, combat counterfeiters, and establish a good brand image. The one-object-one-code anti-counterfeiting technology can ensure the authenticity of the label information. The two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting is also one object-one code, and the logo with anti-counterfeiting skills is confidential. Improve enterprise customer satisfaction Anti-counterfeiting labels have one code for one item Advantages: Scan the code to check the authenticity, the label cannot be prevented, and avoid counterfeiting; help consumers easily identify the authenticity of goods, safeguard the interests of merchants, reduce counterfeiting, prevent counterfeiting, and protect branded products . One item, one code anti-counterfeiting label helps brand owners to achieve a variety of marketing methods. By assigning a unique QR code to each product, and using non-reproducible material printing technology, the QR code cannot be copied to meet the anti-counterfeiting requirements. technical requirements. Anti-counterfeiting labels protect products, brand anti-counterfeiting: customize anti-counterfeiting labels according to the needs of businesses, data cannot be tampered with, anti-counterfeiting assistance, coding control and associated data collection, digital generation and label printing, labels cannot be reused, curb the circulation of counterfeit products, and protect the interests of enterprises.
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