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The application of anti-smuggling system, to prevent the source of anti-smuggling

by:Fullgo     2023-02-10
The whole supply chain management tracks the flow of products, records logistics information, and ensures that there is no abnormality in the transportation process. Anti-smuggling binds the dealer data information to the system background, monitors all the circulation information of the product, manages the distributors in various regions in a unified manner, and gradually scans the code to deliver the goods. Through consumer scanning code data, you can understand the sales dynamics of dealers at all levels in the background of the system, and display inventory data in real time; Shipment management: According to the ordering needs of lower-level dealers, scan the code for shipments and record product shipment information. Anti-smuggling management system, assigning codes to production lines, giving products a unique digital identity, establishing multi-level packaging associations, starting from product delivery, tracking product circulation areas, and monitoring dealers and store areas for anti-smuggling to ensure the flow of products. Consistent with the dealer's distribution range. The product is given a unique QR code. There are agents in each region, and the agents will be divided into different levels. The application of the commodity anti-smuggling system can realize the hierarchical management of agents in various regions, so as to realize the management of agents in various regions. Businesses are managed in a unified manner. The warehouse records the anti-smuggling codes and serial numbers, and stores them in the system background database. Consumers can check the authenticity of the products and the legitimate dealers by scanning the function, so as to judge whether the sales channels of the products are normal and whether there are smuggled goods. . Active market inspection, logistics chain rebate inspection mode, consumers scan the code to trace the source, check the authenticity, and participate in marketing activities. Once the code scanning area does not correspond to the sales area, the system will automatically give an early warning of smuggling goods, and comprehensively eliminate the behavior of smuggling goods. To ensure the stable operation of the market. Through the digital engine, the intelligent anti-smuggling system can be provided for one thing, one code, which can effectively solve the pain points faced by manufacturers for a long time. The digital management and control system established by the merchants realizes various functions and functions such as intelligent smuggling warning and smuggling inspection. The early warning information management and control enterprise establishes a packaging relationship during the product packaging process. When shipping, it can be directly scanned and shipped through an offline scanning device. The system also supports warehouse withdrawal and warehouse adjustment operations. Through the information input of the QR code anti-smuggling system, the precise management and control of product circulation, logistics and channels can be realized, and the supervision and management of anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling of products can be completed. Through market supervision, auxiliary inspection by consumers, various forms of monitoring, and evidence obtained by distributors at all levels, it helps enterprises to do a good job in circulation control and grasp the whole process of commodity whereabouts. By using the two-dimensional code anti-smuggling system, the product information can be entered and classified in a unified way, the product price can be controlled and the market system can be planned. Paste the corresponding anti-smuggling label QR code when the product is packed and put into storage, and scan the anti-smuggling label on the label with a scanner when shipping, and designate the dealer.
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