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The application of cosmetics anti-smuggling system enables enterprises to operate their brands well

by:Fullgo     2023-01-24
By using the system for hierarchical management, enterprises can make all their distributors conduct centralized and unified management and check the flow of products; enterprises can track the movement of goods throughout the process, and realize the operation and sales management of products throughout the process. The use of anti-smuggling system by enterprises can help merchants to conduct unified management among multiple dealers and check the flow of products; therefore, the effective way is to use the anti-smuggling system to control the entire product sales process. The anti-smuggling system is a set of controllable channel management and control system, which can help enterprises to track the flow of products in the whole process of circulation, realize the whole life cycle management of product sales, circulation and service links, and prevent agents at all levels from smuggling goods at random prices. Real-time grasp of product circulation information allows enterprises to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results in the market by protecting the interests of distributors and consumers; the management system adds a QR code label to each commodity during processing. The enterprise system controls the circulation track of commodities by recording the warehousing information, further grasps the whole process of commodity production and sales, and more strictly detects and prevents distributors' smuggling behavior. Agent management: There will be agents in various regions, but there will be different levels between agents, which can realize hierarchical management of agents in various regions, so as to achieve unified management of dealers. Scan and collect the product information of cosmetics in all aspects of storage and outgoing through the collector, and collect them in batches by boxes, stacks, vehicles and other units. The collected data is uploaded to the system background through the central control computer, which is convenient for real-time viewing of finished products from manufacturers. Circulate real-time information on sales to dealers and markets. Establish multi-level data associations to obtain evidence through market supervision, consumer auxiliary inspection, various forms of monitoring, and the phenomenon of dealers at all levels smuggling goods, helping enterprises to do a good job in circulation control and grasp the whole process of product whereabouts. The anti-smuggling system can effectively prevent various commodity smuggling behaviors. The system quickly detects commodity smuggling, and automatically issues a commodity smuggling warning in the background, reminding enterprises to conduct smuggling of products across sales areas, which is convenient for market managers to prevent dealers from smuggling. . It can manage dealers nationwide, accurately control channels, ensure consumer loyalty, and enhance brand image. The application of the cosmetic anti-smuggling system can track the entire flow of products and provide a basis for smuggling. At the same time, enterprises can also know in time that there is a smuggling phenomenon in the product, which is convenient for enterprises to deal with the problem of smuggling in time. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extended reading product anti-smuggling system, the whole process of managing the dealer's anti-smuggling system in Guangzhou, and monitoring the circulation of products
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