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The application of the QR code of the traceability system enhances the objectivity and authenticity of the information

by:Fullgo     2022-10-18
The visual kanban management QR code traceability system can assign a traceability code to each product, query product information, and give consumers a safety signal, which is very beneficial to the improvement of brand credibility. In the process of market sales, consumers can directly scan the query information. If there is a problem with the product quality, it can be traced according to the data scanned by consumers, which increases the customer's trust in the product. This system can record and track the operation of products in real time, accurately and completely, and can comprehensively and efficiently strengthen the management from product production, transportation, to sales, etc., and provide various perfect and easy-to-use queries, statistics, data analysis, etc. Function. An effective traceability system to ensure the production quality of products is built on the basis of effective anti-counterfeiting technology. Through effective anti-counterfeiting technology, it ensures that every data collected is true and truly achieves effective quality traceability. The application of two-dimensional code of traceability system, with two-dimensional code as the carrier, enterprises can record raw material procurement, production process, destination, batch, manufacturer, production date and other production, logistics, and channel information through the two-dimensional code traceability system at any time. code to read the input data. During the compiling process of the QR code, the added text content, picture content, jump content, etc. can be freely added. Coupled with the underlying technical support of the blockchain, the content entered into the QR code cannot be modified in the future. The traceability information of items is objective and reliable. Grasp the market situation of products in time. Through this system, the whole process of production, warehousing, sales and delivery of each product can be recorded, and information such as output and sales can be automatically counted, so as to achieve the anti-counterfeiting effect and realize the informatization of management. Product quality traceability refers to the whole-process tracking management from product raw materials, processing and production, warehousing, logistics, and sales. By identifying the traceability code on the product to determine the source and flow of the product, it realizes the whole-process quality control and two-way information traceability of the product life cycle. Building a product QR code traceability system, in order to use professional technology to combat counterfeiting and shoddy, can naturally effectively curb product counterfeiting and reshape the brand image. The product anti-counterfeiting traceability system can help business owners and end consumers in the industrial field to realize product source supervision and achieve precise control of each product.
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