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The condiment anti-smuggling management system can prevent agents from smuggling

by:Fullgo     2022-12-16
Product circulation is controlled to build an anti-smuggling management system for brand products. Each digital implements 'one product, one code' for different products. Enterprise administrators can clearly see the circulation of their own products based on encrypted data. The anti-smuggling system gives each product an exclusive identity information, which helps enterprises to control the flow of products in real time, realize automatic warning of product smuggling, generate analysis reports for smuggling, and manage the whole process of product information. The condiment uses the anti-smuggling system, production code management, anti-smuggling warehouse management, dealer management, anti-smuggling inspection management, anti-smuggling early warning and inquiry, and data analysis, etc., to help enterprises achieve full-process supervision and strict control. Market smuggling behavior. The whole process of circulation is tracked in the one-item-one-code anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling system. While the anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling functions of products are perfected, the publicity function of products is also developed. The system helps enterprises to control the purchase, sale and inventory information at all levels, grasp the circulation links of product channels, and master the inventory and sales of distributors at all levels, so as to prevent distributors from crossing regions and leapfrogging. The anti-smuggling system can supervise the whereabouts of goods in various places, prevent counterfeiting and smuggling, manage agents in various regions, and control the price system, so that branded products can be sold in various regions normally. The condiment anti-smuggling management system realizes the information management of products from production to supply chain, monitors product logistics information online, effectively curbs dealers' smuggling, makes management more standardized and safe, and handles various smuggling and disorderly prices of enterprise products problem, maintain the sales market of branded products. Obtaining the customer's consumption behavior data, the dealer can scan the code to monitor the product anti-smuggling information in real time, better help the enterprise to realize the real-time monitoring of the product, and constantly improve the management specification, which is convenient for monitoring the real-time dynamics of the product. Each product is given an identity code, one-to-one data association, and data management by region. Monitor the flow of products in real time, prevent the occurrence of smuggling, and keep abreast of consumer information. A two-dimensional code is assigned to each product, and an association relationship is established with the upper-level packaging unit to realize real-time data tracking in the circulation process, and ensure that the flow of products is consistent with the sales scope of the dealer. Whether it is an active market inspection, or consumers scan the code to trace the source, check the authenticity, and participate in marketing activities, once there is a situation where the code scanning area does not correspond to the sales area, the system will automatically remind you of smuggling. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service!'Extended reading What are the characteristics of the anti-smuggling system? The introduction of the QR code anti-smuggling system automatically prompts the smuggling of goods, and improves the supervision of the circulation channels
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