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The digital traceability of agricultural products is conducive to providing reliable and high-quality products

by:Fullgo     2022-11-09
The source can be traced for digital management, the government can conduct real-time supervision on the input, production, testing, and listing of agricultural products, and consumers can achieve rapid product traceability. In the process of market sales, consumers can directly scan the query information. If there is a problem with the quality of the product, it can be traced according to the data scanned by the customer to increase consumers' trust in the product. The two-dimensional code label of agricultural product information ensures the circulation of the information chain; provides the basis for supervision, management, support and decision-making for government departments, and establishes a credible circulation system including production, logistics and sales for enterprises. Strictly control the quality of products, register product quality certificates, inspection and quarantine certificates, relevant quality certification marks, trademarks and patent certificates, etc. If there is an agency, the agent's business license, agency information, and label audit certificate should also be registered. Customs declarations, registration certificates, etc. The application of this system to improve the quality and safety of agricultural products enables consumers to view the entire process of agricultural products from sowing to harvesting through convenient channels, such as scanning QR code text messages, phone calls, touch screens, and online inquiries. After scanning the QR code on the product packaging, consumers can understand the production and processing process of the product, quality inspection information, raw material traceability information, corporate brand story and so on. Using the form of one item and one code, the collected data of the production information, warehousing information, supplier information, logistics information, and retail information of agricultural products is completed and uploaded to the server at any time, helping enterprises to realize the complete life cycle of agricultural products. monitor. The application of the agricultural product quality traceability system that enhances the market competitiveness of products can help to establish a sound quality traceability system and accountability system, fully display product safety and quality-related information to consumers, and improve credibility. Users can log in to the platform to inquire about the production environment, production process, etc. of products, and can also conduct product circulation management, quality supervision and management, etc. The digital traceability of agricultural products, from the whole process of planting to sales, consumers can scan the QR code to trace the agricultural products through their mobile phones, so as to provide consumers with transparent product information. Register and record products and their raw materials, on the other hand, establish business files for agricultural product production and operation enterprises, and establish and implement a purchase inspection system. The agricultural product anti-counterfeiting traceability system can help business owners and end consumers in the agricultural industry to realize product source supervision and precise control of each product. Welcome to call the free consultation number: 400-689-0580. Shanghai China Business Network is at your service! Extend reading milk powder traceability, trace the two-dimensional code of the traceability system throughout the whole process, and give each product a code
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