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The entire industry chain can be traced, and problem products can be recalled

by:Fullgo     2022-11-11
Maintaining one's own interests The one-object-one-code traceability system realizes full-cycle traceability of products, management and control of all supply chains, and inquiries about information in each link, thus prompting consumers to recognize the brand more. The whole industry chain can be traced back, jointly supervise product production, trace product information, risk can be controlled, problem products can be recalled in time, and the person in charge of this link can be quickly found. The traceability system can obtain the production, processing, quality inspection, transportation and other information of the product. All links are real information input to ensure the quality of products and control the quality of each link. The system design process needs to cover the business and factors of data management, sharing and exchange, etc., to effectively support the comprehensive and all-link data application, exchange and integration of this project, and ensure the efficient operation of the platform. The quality assurance and traceability system is aimed at product safety. Simply put, it is the full-cycle management of products from raw and auxiliary material procurement, product production, warehousing, sales and service. In accordance with the basic requirements of production process records, information can be inquired, flow can be traced, quality can be traced, responsibilities can be investigated, and products can be recalled, strictly implement the responsibility of raw material producers as the first responsible person for product quality and safety, and further establish and improve products. Origin traceability system. Taking the traceability code as the carrier, promote the connection between traceability management and market access, and realize the traceability management of the whole process of products 'from raw materials to sales'. It covers the quality control of manufacturing manufacturers' product raw materials, production process, packaging and coding, finished product inventory, multi-level distributor flow, and retail terminals. Process control and traceability strengthen consumers' trust in brands and enhance the monitoring of manufacturers' product quality. The quality traceability supervision platform has been established to cover the whole process of raw materials, warehousing, primary processing, deep processing, sales logistics and other methods. One object, one code traceability system, using traceable source code as the information transmission carrier and traceability label, realizes the whole process control and information collection and input of each link of the product. The docking of the product quality traceability system enables data exchange while the functions are seamlessly connected to realize the interactive sharing of data. All the production and operation entities of the traceability system are incorporated into the supervision and traceability platform, combined with the product qualification certificate system, to realize the information management of the whole process of product production. The business system includes: quality standards and technical regulations, information collection, quality supervision, enterprise customization, consumer inquiry and other functions.
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